@seanstacking we're still in citadel discovery phase. My mental construct of it is small self sufficient communities scattered around the world and connected by whatever means necessary. Citizen A in location X needs item Y. Citizen B in location W knows Citizen C at location Z (not too far from X) with Y.

@DaddyWarbits @seanstacking it's difficult to construct a self-sufficient community ATM. At best, you can reach late 19th century tech in material science and mid-20th century in chemistry. You have to import all high-power and high-density electronics, as well as raw materials. My writeup is at

@akhavr @seanstacking looks like you've put some thought into this. Thanks for sharing!

@DaddyWarbits just trying to be self sustained since early 2000th

@akhavr indeed. "Independence" is truly a two-sided coin.

@DaddyWarbits well, having some experience in software development, chemistry, nanotech, crypto, and good old agriculture helps. Ah, yeah... Good old firearms too :)

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