French and Aussie’s thinking differently about quarantine…

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This day in bitcoin twitter history, the villagers worked into a frenzy - facing the dreaded decision of whether to sacrifice Odell or Francis, when from the heavens descended a blue check billionaire to become the scapegoat by whose sacrificial blood we have been cleansed.

Achieve enterprise level security with a @Coldcard hardware wallet in HSM mode.

❓What is ckbunker ?
✅Mobile Cold Wallet Policy w/ @FullyNoded
✅Sign Transactions
✅Multi-sig Policy
✅ Delete HSM Policy
✅More Use Cases

@arbedout bitcoin has existed for 10% of the lifetime of the oldest of these. In an historical context, the era of fiat will seem like a brief diversion.

Pick one (would appreciate a boost for exposure). See you all there... Wherever "there" is.

I have never been more ready to sever my ties with the fiat economy.

New dispatch in 4 hours with special guests @openoms & @evankaloudis.

TOPICS: Lightning, Encryption, Censorship, Bitcoin Hardware

Get your questions ready and join us live via twitter, twitch, and youtube @ 5PM EST / 2200 UTC:

Eat meat = buy crypto

Eat 100% grass-fed beef= buy bitcoin

Factory farming cattle that is grain-fed, riddled with antibiotics, living constantly within it’s own fecal matter, that is dyed red to look more appetizing, is not what you should be eating.

Choose wisely.

Doesn’t get old

Bitcoin self-banking asymmetric security advantage is almost as revolutionary as its difficulty adjustment

Being able to have your wealth in a hundred bucks device n times more secure than a specialized trillion dollar bank is remarkable.

Goldman Sachs entering the Bitcoin custody game really does confirm that Bitcoin is money for criminals.

I'd like to create a functional database of my social graph (online and IRL). What is an open-sourced approach to doing this that you can recommend for a relatively non-technical user?

I'm using this project both to have the database and to learn how to create it without centralized tech tools, so I'd be happy to have to work to figure it out.

@rootdude ?

Purchased one way plane ticket to Costa Rica and rented AirBnB house in the jungle for a month.

No plan after that.
Real nomad shit.

Giving all possessions away and owning only what fits in my backpack.

No plan to fall back on.

Just march on in search for meaningful friendships and experiences. That's all.

We'll see where the road takes.

Living dream :bitcoin:

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