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@notgrubles: We all seem to have forgotten why Bcash even exists in the first place:
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Idea: timelocked BTC outputs on an Opentime as a gift. Like a 10-year bond your grandparents used to give you as a gift

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MULITBILLION USD SCAMALERT. Bitmains IPO is the biggest Crypto Scam ever. They are going to burn a lot of old economy investors who think they are buying shares from a crypto Mining Company. Truth is: These guys are buying 1 Million Shitcoins plus there core product (S9) is not a state of the art miner anymore and has lost 85% of its value in the last months! This will be a huge shitshow and I am afraid Jihan Wu is going to hurt the whole crypto eco system a lot when this shitballon bursts!

@ToneVays You should take the opportunity to start following the hardcore bitcoin maximalist over here. You follow only 3?! Do your part 😉

@ToneVays How does it feel to be back at 289 followers again? 😎😁

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Brief w/ @leahwald @giacomozucco & @nvk to talk , @IBM's , @BITMAINtech going IPO while stuck holding the $BCH bag & $BTCUSD of course:

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@samourai_official So far the only walletmaker (i know) who understands the important values of bitcoin. Its not hard actually:
1.) be transparent/open source
2.) focus on security
3.) protect users privacy (= ensure/enable fugibility)
4.) Focus on and not on satisfying as many different shitcoinholders as possible
5.) KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid

Spread the word and help others to understand whats important and how to store/use Bitcoint! Education is the key to mass adoption!

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@kelbie has created a github to help fight against Mastodon imposters.

This is a pretty solid use case for a proof for Mastodon as well.

And the answer is: faketoshi unfollowed Gavin Andresen.
Gavin being one of the few OG's that believed an defended fakatoshi to be Satoshi

How can this guy be celebrating the fact that he just synced a full node that took half a year to complete? And to finish it of: apparently it is only the second full node open to public queries!

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