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Does anyone know if Coldcard wallet integration into samourai wallet is still being worked on? @samouraidev @nvk @samourai_official @samouraiwallet

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@402PaymentRequired So many forks and names that even I have a hard time keeping track of it all. is hilariously dragging their whole ecosystem (such as it is) into the shitter. I am thoroughly amused.

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Just made a little animation for one of my videos.

Animated GIF just for you, guys 😘

@OpinionatedGeek @Dennis @ott0disk @htimsxela I think you were right Dennis. I think your network forwarded my connection because you made a connection from your side before that.
I never thought that you didn't forward the ports yet. So all ok now 👍🏻

@ott0disk @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Thanks! I've been looking at 1ml.com as well for a lot of useful info on lightning nodes

@ott0disk @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Opened a channel with you. Waiting for confirmations 👍🏻😎

@ott0disk @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Times out using what protocol? It was mentioned before that Dennis's node did respond but would accept new connections.

@ott0disk @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Are you referring to me or Dennis? My node is up and reachable.

@Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela The fact that our nodes are still connected and talking to each other and that your node reacts but refuses connections to the rest makes a strong case for nr of channels limit that the others mentioned.

@Dennis @OpinionatedGeek
I did not have a problem opening a channel with you using raspiblitz which is running lnd.

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