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Does anyone know if Coldcard wallet integration into samourai wallet is still being worked on? @samouraidev @nvk @samourai_official @samouraiwallet

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@402PaymentRequired So many forks and names that even I have a hard time keeping track of it all. is hilariously dragging their whole ecosystem (such as it is) into the shitter. I am thoroughly amused.

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Just made a little animation for one of my videos.

Animated GIF just for you, guys 😘

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Bitcoin hackers- if you'd be so kind to open a channel with me on lightning, I'll send one back your way. Promise! My URI: 03a[email protected]

Feel free to connect to my homebuild lightning node! 😎⚡🙏👍🏻
021[email protected]

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RT @[email protected]
Here is how our #LightningNetwork enabled Self Order Point looks like.
First of its kind, of course running on Bitcoin #mainnet, powered by LND @lightning @Blockstream! Visit shop.energy-kitchen.ch
Thanks for building this with me, @puzzleitc @jamok_sarita @tphilipona @gcomxx

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@402PaymentRequired Their eventual myspace-ing will be a beauty to behold. I'm just annoyed that people are so damn flighty that they can't see what they're supporting.

@rootzoll @nvk My finally finished syncing and is up and running now! Next thing will be funding and opening channels. After that connecting my @samouraiwallet to the full node.
Once @COLDCARDwallet support and lightning is added to samourai wallet life will be great!

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The shapeshift situ. :

People on birdsite appear confused. Truth: Voorhees has a background in business, marketing and is one of *the* most talented in the space in that area. However, he is a disgraceful traitor to Bitcoin's cause, big supporter of NYA/S2X and constantly supporting shitcoins since late 2014. Why did he switch? Because the only thing he ever gave a shit about was preening his ego and making huge bags of money from rubes.

Note how common this is amongst 'businessmen' here.

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