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Does anyone know if Coldcard wallet integration into samourai wallet is still being worked on? @samouraidev @nvk @samourai_official @samouraiwallet

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@402PaymentRequired So many forks and names that even I have a hard time keeping track of it all. is hilariously dragging their whole ecosystem (such as it is) into the shitter. I am thoroughly amused.

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Bitcoin hackers- if you'd be so kind to open a channel with me on lightning, I'll send one back your way. Promise! My URI: 03a[email protected]

Feel free to connect to my homebuild lightning node! 😎⚡🙏👍🏻
021[email protected]

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RT @[email protected]
Here is how our #LightningNetwork enabled Self Order Point looks like.
First of its kind, of course running on Bitcoin #mainnet, powered by LND @lightning @Blockstream! Visit shop.energy-kitchen.ch
Thanks for building this with me, @puzzleitc @jamok_sarita @tphilipona @gcomxx

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@402PaymentRequired Their eventual myspace-ing will be a beauty to behold. I'm just annoyed that people are so damn flighty that they can't see what they're supporting.

@rootzoll @nvk My finally finished syncing and is up and running now! Next thing will be funding and opening channels. After that connecting my @samouraiwallet to the full node.
Once @COLDCARDwallet support and lightning is added to samourai wallet life will be great!

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The shapeshift situ. :

People on birdsite appear confused. Truth: Voorhees has a background in business, marketing and is one of *the* most talented in the space in that area. However, he is a disgraceful traitor to Bitcoin's cause, big supporter of NYA/S2X and constantly supporting shitcoins since late 2014. Why did he switch? Because the only thing he ever gave a shit about was preening his ego and making huge bags of money from rubes.

Note how common this is amongst 'businessmen' here.

Does anyone know if and where there is data available on these questions or who could be tagged here that might have some answers?

1. Now that we have SegWit and more tx batching what is the on-chain capacity in comparison to what is needed for the next surge in the market? Will capacity meet demand?
2. Once LN is widespread as payment what is the expected nr of on-chain tx's for opening and closing channels on top of reg on chain tx's?
Bcash fans keep bringing up these arguments against LN.

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