How to make a less painful migration from Twitter > Mastodon? CROSS-POST.

1. Go to
2. Connect your Twitter acc
3. Connect your Mastodon acc ( etc.)
4. Click some settings what you want to cross post.

"If it needed more help than Square and Twitter, I would be working on " - Jack Dorsey at Bitcoin 2021

If you don’t have Bitcoin buy some.
If you don’t hold your own keys, learn how to
If you don’t run your own node, start one
If you don’t run Lightning, start opening channels
If you don’t have non KYC coins, get some

Bitcoin is a journey and at times overwhelming. Take small steps but keep moving.


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For international trade, Bitcoin will be the lingua franca. Everyone everywhere will want it, and no one will want a ridiculous "CDBC" which has no value, no utility and a flexible money supply, deliberately designed to steal the spending power of people forced to use them.

It's so tempting to "do something" with your coins.

But just stack (earn, mine or buy) and HODL. Simple and effective.

This graph is showing the yearly avarage return of Bitcoin. It shows clearly, that you can't lose money stacking c..

Биткоин – единственный реальный мем.

Это рассказ о разнице между мемами и реальным миром. О Биткоине и о том, как его доказательство проделанной работы связывает цифровой мир с реальным.

По разным расчётам хэшрейт Биткоина приблизился к историческим максимумам весны 2021. Но
даёт более консервативное приближение: осталось 10-20% до пика. Пока ещё недостаточно данных о блоках и реальная динамика станет ясной спустя несколько дней.

Taproot Report #9

🔐 Мультисиг
🦺 Безопасность Мультиподписи

Taproot Report #9

🔐 Мультисиг
🦺 Безопасность Мультиподписи

BitPay Inc. and Verifone Inc. are looking forward to securing a deal to provide physical points of sale in various shops across the U.S. According to Bloomberg, the newest Verifone points of sale will include payment with cryptocurrencies. Merchants across the country will be able to receive tokens and coins from various cryptocurrency wallets.

More info:

Coindesk conducted a study of LN: the share of "critical" nodes in the entire history on the mainnet. Removing these nodes would result that all other nodes on the network could not find their way to each other and make a payment. Improving rapidly:

Coindesk провёл исследование LN: доля "критических" узлов за всю историю работы на майннете. Удаление этих узлов привело бы к тому, что все остальные узлы сети не могли бы найти путь к друг другу и совершить платёж. Ситуация быстро улучшается:

Just listening to Podcasting 2.0 and streaming sats from Sphinx over Starlink satellite. Borderless payments, meet borderless internet.

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