I am ready to go to the next level.
I’m at the point where my private keys are on a trezor. I’m ready to move to the level where I run my own node/lightning node so I can participate in the interesting things being built.

Let’s assume I have no computer.
The first reccomendation I am looking for is what computer to purchase, assuming it will only be used for bitcoin related things. Assume low but growing technical abilities and economical mindset.

I miss this place. Converted some more fiat to BTC this evening.

Light reading thru the last few weeks of toots. This space is so much more chill.

Wedding Present going out today. How do you like the tissue paper? @nvk @Opendime

In a casual conversation with a financial advisor yesterday these words came out of his mouth “don’t trust verify” I was like your into bitcoin too, he was like no why. After about 30 minutes of bitcoin talk I’m 90% sure he went back to his office and bought some ripple.

I want to take an old arcade game and replace the quarter slot with bitcoin lightning payment acceptor. Person walks up to machine, pays 25 satoshi’s to play, machine records public address and score of the player, at the end of the month the machine operator banks half the total satoshi pot and the high score public address receives the other half. Public addresses are then destroyed by machine and the game starts over the next month. Not a change the world idea, just a fun tinker. Where begin?

Bcash is like a clown car going through a drive through trying to get everyones orders correct. It will be interesting to see how they spin and pivot the narrative this time and which direction each character will go.

When you go to the gym at 5am and realize you spent 30 minutes stretching because you were bitcoin mastodoning. Don’t bitcoin while working out

I live in an area of the US where a majority of the people work for the government either directly or on a contract. When they tell me what they do all day and then tell me how much they make the 2 don’t add up. The guy whose only job at social security is to order new chairs if someone needs one should not make 85,000 a year. This is one reason bitcoin interests me. Something is off and not enough people see it.

I’ve been referring to all my sons elephant toys as Mastodons recently and my wife just caught on. She was like why do you keep saying that. Then I told her it was a bitcoin thing, she rolled her eyes

I rushed to acquire as much bitcoin as possible because my thought was one day they wouldn’t let me buy it. Now I spend my days thinking of things I can do to get people to give me bitcoin. In the end all the ideas come around to I need to create and only distribute my creations for bitcoin.

Woke up this morning, by the time I got through all the toots, I didn’t have time for tweets. mastodon winning the my time battle

Just loaded up an Opendime for a wedding this weekend!!!

Bitcoin word of the day “instance” after a few minutes of research I now understand what an instance is. I exist on 2 instances within mastodon. @bitcoinhakers.org is the instance I favor. Bitcoin really has been one of my greatest teachers, bitcoin has taught me how to learn. Only teacher who could get me to look up a word, term or saying I didn’t understand. Thank you bitcoin

The overnight move to Mastodon reminds me of the YouTube video Andreas Antonopoulos - Keeping Digital Communities Weird. We woke up and they were gone. Worth a watch

My friends be like - man you still own bitcoin, that shit is crashing

I be like - fuck I just spent my morning creating this mastodon.social account AND now I have to spend my night Switching over to bitcoinhackers.org

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance