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The speakers list on this conference is nuts. @michael_saylor, @CaitlinLong_ , @APompliano , @chamath, @Jack , and @JackMallers to name but a few and leave out so many other stars. Can't wait.

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Hal Finney sent this email only days after was created. Mind you, a coin had no value at the time. A literally cost $0.00

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Why hasn’t Bitcoin been stopped?

My new essay for @Quillette dives into the political, economic, social, and technological reasons why this new financial system is undefeated:

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Stock to flow, quite incredible to see it play out.

h/t @100trillionUSD legend!

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Scarcity = value. Which means: scarcity in money forces the value/abundance gained from technological progress to the widest group of people.

That idea changes everything and is why

PS - The opposite is also true - printing money concentrates that value/abundance.

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In 24 hours I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $10,000 in Bitcoin! (Yup, gonna experiment with this instead of cash haha) Make sure you follow me so I can dm you if you win :)

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I'm starting to think this should be the first line of attack when nocoiners ask "what about Bitcoin energy usage?"

The energy source is a secondary concern. Unlike other industries Bitcoin doesn't depend on any particular energy source. It costs because it's useful. Period.

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@EricHolthaus It’s your own shadow. You’re projecting parts of yourself that you have rejected from your consciousness. I know, it’s very challenging but aspects of ourselves that we condemn/judge as negative/unfavorable need to be integrated into us order for us to become a whole person.

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Anyone know the current price of a certain cryptocurrency?? Asking for a friend...

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Fuck it, I made another video this morning to celebrate $50k

🧡 Like, Retweet, Share 🧡

This one is dedicated to 2 heroes of mine: @saifedean & @JeffBooth

(shoutouts to @Scaramucci the MIP, @maxkeiser the GOAT & @100trillionUSD the flying Dutchman)

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Gordian Cosigner from @BlockchainComns is now available as an early beta release for iOS (and soon macOS). It allows you to easily add your signature to participate in Bitcoin multisig transactions. [1/11]

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How 2,000 Years of Monetary History Led Us to Bitcoin, Feat. Nik Bhatia — [CoinDesk Podcast Network, EP. 517] my latest interview with @nlw @CoinDesk

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I am really looking forward to trying @JackMallers' new @ln_strike

Sign up on the link below to get on their waitlist, and in the process, help me move up the waitlist so I can preview it for you!

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12 years.

$1 trillion.

Thank you Satoshi.

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"If you are not long bitcoin, you are short bitcoin."

[email protected]

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Yesterday @NYDIG_BTC filed for a Bitcoin ETF:

-All transactions, creation, redemption & fees in BTC, not USD
-All-in low fee of 0.5% pa
-Will not trade at a premium

This is the low-fee pure Bitcoin ETF for the investor, not the asset manager

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