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@elonmusk CO2 is plant food. The more we put out in the atmosphere, the more plants grow. The carbon panic is even dumber than the corona panic. If you want to really help the planet, buy bitcoin with that $100m & help end central banking & all of its waste & murder

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“And then we put out some FUD about a double spend that never actually happened”

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As $BTC consolidates above previous highs, it's crucial to understand that the current Bull Cycle is still in its early stages

Checkout our 2021 Bitcoin Market Outlook where we examine the key data signaling that $40,000 is only the beginning


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The Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto laid the foundation for a groundbreaking peer-to-peer electronic cash system that now has millions of participants around the globe.

Read the White Paper now:

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Lawyers for self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, have threatened two websites with legal action if they don't immediately remove "his" whitepaper. One already has, but the other refuses to budge. cointelegraph.com/news/craig-w

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Donald Trump’s inauguration
$BTC: $896.16
$ETH: $10.6

Joe Biden’s inauguration
$BTC: $34,236
$ETH: $1,307

Let’s chat again in 4 years.

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Blackrock has given two of its funds the go-ahead to invest in bitcoin futures.

by @realDannyNelson


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Monster show for you legends...

[email protected] is back on WBD, this time alongside @breedlove22, getting into why we think wins and answering some of Gary's questions. twitter.com/WhatBitcoinDid/sta

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and LIED TO about who was doing the punching.

Are they soft? Yes.

Are they pathetic? Yes.

Were they actually screwed by factors outside their control? Absolutely.

Will this phenomena continue in perpetuity? Absolutely not.

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is another great addition to the pantheon of bitcoin memes.

We're not here for interesting tech, faster payments, or better databases.

We're here to stop the century of systematic pillaging & impoverishment by central banks. Hating bitcoin is loving poverty

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@Dickerson_des @RyanTheGentry @joinClubhouse And you can sign up for the newsletter here! 😎


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It is a little frustrating to see the response many analysts had to the GDP growth data Chinese released today. These numbers aren’t especially good, and they certainly shouldn’t have been surprising. Back in April and May, when most analysts...


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The media reports daily that hospitals are full because of . I advise ppl to look at hospitalization levels historically for this time of year; they are always full. Here are 100 news articles going back to 2013 showing this


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Latest from me in @NYMag’s @intelligencer: an explainer on the BTC rally, assuming no prior knowledge


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This South Park episode aired on March 25, 2009. If Stan had put his $100 into , he would have been a multi-billionaire. $BTC

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@PrestonPysh The entire course is also available as a playlist on YouTube. Imagine taking a graduate level course on at MIT, for free, and the incoming SEC chairman is the professor. Isn’t life wonderful! m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL

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✨ Jan 17, 2009: Satoshi shares his first thoughts on how a economy might emerge.

12 years later, still on point.

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