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I met @aantonop 8 years ago and gave me my first Bitcoin. We would have great debates...but somehow was turned completely soy. Respect turned into disappointment.

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This one is for all the Bitcoin HODLers 😩🙌


Covid restrictions aren’t necessary and counter productive....drone strike me
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Oh nothing to see here folks... just an MSNBC anchor suggesting we should drone-strike Americans on U.S. soil. Mostly Trump supporters of course.

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“Burn it down,” they chant.

BLM-Antifa are marching through Washington, DC.

When you’re not in

....& you haven’t yet learned that every alt season usually just ends up creating a new class bag holders
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This is my mate. My mate likes to sell the bottom. Don’t be like my mate. BUY the dip $eth $room $cream $sol

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