If people knew how unfair Twitter with their algos & rules enforcement...

...50% of the users wouldn’t go on the app

On twitter, if you have

-Under 2k followers & no checkmark:
Assume you‘ll be talking to yourself 1/2 of the time (ghost bans common)

-Over 2k followers & no checkmark:
Assume you‘re under strict staff enforcement & you’ll face suspensions/bans for any “violations”
(Helps to be a leftist zealot due to staff bias)

Suspensions rare & approval comes from top execs

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@admin no, just my experience after having 5 accounts locked over 10 years (with followe counts ranging from 500 to 6,000)

The more followers you get, the more they enforce it. You tend to get activists who scroll through your tweets looking for something to report you. Then they have their group all report the same tweet.

Sometimes it’s even a reply where I quoted the original tweet of the checkmark.

Twitter is truly mob rule & socialism all in one.

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