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“Stay home! Use tech platforms to communicate”

“Some people shouldn’t be allowed to use these tech platforms”

This is really where we are as a society. In the United States of America. This is a massively
Insane time, and the public is entirely unaware of what is happening here.

Peter Schiff explain away Tesla’s   purchase yet?

Is Musk just getting bored playing with his rockets or what?

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Psychotherapists will be busy wen ₿itcoin hits 250K.

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The storm of the ages is brewing. And @elonmusk is sending clueless people to the doge clown-raft instead of the Bitcoin lifeboat because he thinks it's a funny meme. While institutions get the cheap sats.
Not cool. Love Elon, but this is fucking stupid.

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I met @aantonop 8 years ago and gave me my first Bitcoin. We would have great debates...but somehow was turned completely soy. Respect turned into disappointment.

Up another 75% (8 cents)

is gonna be the top Defi & Liquidity platform on the Binance Smart Chain

Gas Fees: 6-8 cents per move
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The Uniswap of @BinanceChain

is up like 140% today

And their gas fees are like 10 cents for a multi-swap

Binance listing inevitable


Bitcoin is gonna go to $100k soon

& regardless if you put in $50 or $50k right now

You will still see double profits as it continues to move upward.

New Shitcoiners will be selling as a loss
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HODL changes you.

Kinda True Tho
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PSA: shitcoins exist to take your sats and enrich a small group of people, even if hidden behind goodwill, pretty marketing, or funny dog memes.


is still gonna go back to an ATH by Monday even with all the Elon ridiculousness

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Hey @FMitchell84, can you make sure our QB isn’t out drinking? We have a big game tomorrow. 🤮

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a lot of ppl keep asking me about bitcoin and crypto in general and how to get started, so im gonna use this thread to consolidate some info

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This one is for all the Bitcoin HODLers 😩🙌

No surprise seeing people with XRP in their user titles are now giddy about doge.

Americans see a line and they get in it.

Just sayin’

ETH Gas fee issue is not going to be solved by 2.0

Binance Smart Chain w/ Jul swap

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