Alright fuk it I'm done with federated it's turned into absolute shit. I dig the local but not enough people on this instance yet..

@CryptoSwinger federated is made by the follows the people you follow have. So clean up your list or follow more people with similar interests to clean up federated. I think that’s how it works.

@edk so as a test I unfollowed everyone and am not noticing a difference on the federated stream unfortunately.. Was worth a shot

@CryptoSwinger unfollowing everyone would keep every instance federated with this one still wouldnt it?

@edk I have a home feed which consists of people I follow, a local feed which consists of everyone on this (bitcoin hacker) instance then federated which is what I assume is everything connected to Mastadon but 90% seems to be annoying twitter bots

@CryptoSwinger I don’t think it’s everyone on Mastodon. It’s only what your server is federated with. And unfortunately there are a lot of scammers who might like bitcoin 😜 you made me doubt how it worked so I looked it up:

@edk @CryptoSwinger try migrating to a different server. I’m going to try that soon. was the biggest one I could join but I’m thinking I might migrate to a server more aligned to my interests. You will find that different servers are moderated differently too - less tolerance for spam for example.


@edk ok yeah will do thx for the tip. I like this instance and people are cool just not a lot of them yet. I'll join another while I wait for newcomers

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