Incase you're interested there is a full on happening on telegram.

Interesting stuff on Nikola Tesla in there


Official Broadcast Channel of:

Alright fuk it I'm done with federated it's turned into absolute shit. I dig the local but not enough people on this instance yet..

As I click on the millionth bot to block I notice they have thousands of followers.. Who in the fuk is following this nonsense, other bots 🤔

flipping the 4h, waiting on confirmation, if we get it we should trend up to $41k

Ok who's the dipshit that made a Peter Bot? Instablock this clown

about to flip the 4h, if this holds we will be heading back up to $41k.. Looks like the bottom was in fam..

We now live in a world where a blue check basically means you're lame and outdated.

And it is glorious.

if we lose $33k I think we go to $31k before we get a significant bounce but thats fairly short term.

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So why the fuk all the tweeter bots? I didn't leave tweeter so I can see tweeter bots non stop.. Anyway to just block all bots here?

Reading through the recent dump of data from the pentagon, came across this interesting case from Russia

Found about $400 in dust today, since I'm a Degen I'm going 100x long on corn 🤡

Asia bro's starting the day off right, found strong support @ 61

Lets see if they let it run

When this shake out is over we will see Bitcoin over $50k no doubt.. Might range for a few days to cool off but buckle the fuk up fam

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Theseus: A modern experimental OS written from scratch in Rust -

Anyone ever played with Algory? I was building a scanner bot this weekend when I found they do everything I was attempting already and it's free.. Wonder if anyone has a successful strategy setup they'd like to share 😉

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