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I was a r/WSB subscriber until I stumbled upon wtfhappenedin1971.com.

Instead of fighting the gamestop $gme shorts, I’m going to short their entire system by buying Bitcoin.

Take your toys and come home and launch a guerrilla war via dollar cost averaging.

You think you’ve seen crazy markets?

Wait till you see what happens when the government hands out the next $2 trillion.


Tony Robbins just called out the scamdemic hypocrisy

Tesla was the con to stack sats and build Mars space ships on government green subsidies.

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- Citadel received $200 million from taxpayers money in 2008 bailout.

- Bernanke, who granted the bailout, now works for Citadel.

- Citadel paid Yellen nearly $1 million “speaking fees”.

- Yellen now advices Biden on the GME situation where Citadel was losing on shorts.

I'm too stoned for this
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What were the chances that the company that orange pilled a generation would be called “Citadel”?

2020 felt like the old world dying

So far 2021 feels like a ripper birth cry of the new world

I love it, hodl on people!

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