To all you guys looking for a citadel, a developer is putting in a housing project into our zone. Benefits:
1. Delaware Common Law
2. Zero income tax
3. Govt is fee for service.

@Crabel Actively exploring forestry investments in Panama and Nicaragua right now. What's the offer here?

Honduras ZEDE’s are separate legal and regulatory jurisdictions but are a contiguous part of the country. Our zone is protected under CAFTA-DR with a 50-year legal stability agreement. Our zone uses a restatement of Delaware Common Law and the government is a private trust where early taxpayers receive a distribution of ownership (follows BTC issuance where taxes paid are the proof of work).

@Crabel Nice. Like we've talked about before, I'm familiar with the ZEDEs that are being set up on Roatan, and I think I found information on your particular one elsewhere by doing a little googling and guessing (the map looks familiar to me, anyway). Where can I go to learn more?

Might pair nicely with my "multiple flag theory" ambitions. The forestry stuff I have my eye on would be a quick permanent residency, a foreign incorporation, bank account, and non-taxable harvest income. Good start.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 Regulations as we are starting up are done through contractual agreement, eg a timbering operation wanted to use Alabama dept of Forrestry regs, a crypto exchange wanted to use Luxembourg’s regs pertaining to crypto, a gold tailings recovery wanted to use Nevada, etc.

The zone by default has a policy of zero personal income tax as it is an invasion of privacy.

Use sales and land tax to fund the govt. (some districts opted for corporate income tax).

The offer is that there is now a residential development being done on the western side of the country in Choluteca

The development area is starting as 100 acres.

I wanted to see the interest.

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