Update on the Honduran “citadel” project (more of a federated Indian reservation under Delaware Common Law)
1. First district is live and moving dirt
2. Customs regulations are in place
3. Second district will soon, hopefully, go live
4. We are working on developing regulations for crypto banking and exchanges along with commodity markets.

What we created was a hack space for private government.

@GrandVizierOfMalta nothing publicly posted. @reason did a series on the Zones for Economic Development and Employment a few years ago. I can answer some questions directly.

@Crabel I'm familiar, though I haven't heard anything further for a while, so good to hear. I've been making an effort to learn Spanish, wanting to move south. Will definitely be seeking to learn more.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 everything stalled for about 5-years. In 2018 our zone was approved and in 2020 we brought in the first district. Ours isn’t the only zone, there are two others that I know of. Ours is more focused on providing an open framework of governance which districts (large-ish areas of land) can adopt and join.

@Crabel Is this affiliated with MKG or is this a separate effort?

@Crabel I'll take that as a no. MKG Group is an entity that I've seen in the news doing something in Honduras that sounds like what you're describing. Perhaps they are just one project among many?

@Aurelius_17_6_313 there are two other ZEDE projects in Honduras both of them are on Roatán. Might be what you are talking about. Ours is the only one on the mainland.

@Crabel Ok, what they are doing must be part of the same initiative, but a different project. I've heard of Roatán, so I think those are the ones I've read on previously. I learned just today that they're called ZEDE projects, ironically from this source 😂

@Crabel That said, where is the project that you're involved in located? Is it the one at El Amatillo?

@Aurelius_17_6_313 Our project is an open framework for other developers. We don’t have a set location. If somebody wants to create a district, we provide the necessary framework.

@Crabel This is a literal, physical region of Honduras where you’ve worked with government to create a “bitcoin zone?” I’ve heard of projects like this over the years, but most seem to stall. Where can I find out more? Very interested in participating in a project like this.

@HODLthese yes, it is a separate judicial/regulatory zone (hence the Indian reservation analogy) what are you looking at for participation?

@Crabel I’m looking to physically relocate to a bitcoin community, preferably with an autonomous BTC friendly legal system.

@HODLthese that is entirely possible. The existing districts aren’t set up to do that at this time. You are more than welcome to start your own district!

@Crabel wow.. i would love to know more. I am looking for a place to relocate.

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