Here is my new BItcoin Twitter Account @ghostcountbtc

Like, Retweet and Post it on Twitter

Spread the Word

Plebs Unite! ⚔🛡🌽👑💪

I had a good twitter run, account got nuked cause of a Covid comment

who knew? 🤣😂


Be a Dear, and Fetch me a Beer out of the Cold Pantry

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Commercial from 1956: The fridge has more features than my brand new one, build for 50+ years and cost around 10 dollars.

The good old days, when money was more than just a worthless paper claim. fixes this.

The Matrix isn't being built for US, it's being built for the Utopian Communists, that don't understand Technology and Money

It's not a free market when users/developers are locked into a centralized, closed source ecosystem

I buy cause the protocol is out of the hands of the Fiat 🤡s

I ♥ when all the shitcoiners and scammers are out of the market

The Moment Nic Carter hired a Corporate/Political Image Consultant is the Moment Nic lost the Plot of

Inside Money loves Insider Trading

Your Money is Safe Outside

Once a month, we get to talk in person, and this shill tries to take over our meetup 😂🤣

Proclaiming to the whole table: Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi FFS!

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Every Corporation wants to be a service provider and Lock you in to a Closed Ecosystem by using Brand Loyalty

Think like Apple App and Google Play Store

OnStar was a thing in the early 2000's, they had direct control over your Access and Location of your Vehicle
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You will own nothing.
And be happy.

Trying to hold on to political power with a government backed currency - that is failing - is fighting a losing battle

Bribes won't work anymore

Talk about wasting energy

Gain a little wealth and notoriety from and become a loud mouth know-it-all about everything 😂🤣

You know what I mean?

Idiots with privillged access to easy money

That's the 🤡🌎🌍🌏

Defund the 🤡🌎🌍🌏


Good thing you bought that crazy expensive NFT Jpeg on Opensea, you are going to be greatful when you have too use it to feed your family when SHTF

oh, wait? 😬

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