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Happy UASF anniversary!

Four years ago, Slush Pool asked our users to vote on whether they supported the UASF and they spoke loud and clear.

Salute to all the full node operators around the world participating in Bitcoin’s governance with us miners.

This Kind of Regulation is exactly what's coming to
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It amazes me what governments screw up.

NY arrested bookies and then LOST money doing what the bookies did! Alabama managed to lose money running liquor stores. Oregon lost money on online gambling!

Now politicians are messing up legal marijuana sales:

The American Parent will give us their children and "WE" (The Radical Left) will teach them too Hate their Family

The Leftists Machine did a great Job raising your Kids

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A Cypherpunk's manifesto by Eric Hughes, 1993.

This + the white paper = 1776 of the digital age

Never forget that your privacy is yours. Don't ask for it to be respected or granted, use the tools to ensure that it's never taken from you.

Some exerts:

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I joined @orangepillpod to talk about Christ 2.0! ♥️💊🟠 helps those who are willing to help themselves and Satoshi's grace is available to anyone!


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Happy 50th anniversary of USDIP-11615, an improvement proposal prescribing an uncapped supply schedule for the U.S. dollar

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"Wow Busta Rhymes is on fire 👏🏻 🔥 (strong language)

Musicians. Celebrities. We need more of this, and less blindly towing the line. The choice is yours - stand now or kneel forever."

Via: Oracle Films Telegram

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When people finally figure out what happened to them, the digital cage will already be lowered down on them

Got ?

₿itcoin is digital sanity.

I will die on this hill.
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₿itcoin is digital sanity.

I will die on this hill.

You Protect my and You Protect my and You Protect my and You Protect my and You Protect my

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