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The recent rush to move Bitcoin off exchanges has lead many to look into for the first time

Let us now answer their most pressing questions

s/o to @BITC0INDAD for this photo

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Save with @COLDCARDwallet

Spend with @Strike

This is the way.

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@SatoshiSteiff Cold card is pretty easy to use. Combine with sparrow wallet.. far better, more power when your ready to use it.

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@notgrubles I'm very intrigued by this and using CKBunker to create a DMS. Specifically the trigger mechanism, utilising some on-chain tx the sound of it... I hope there's a tutorial coming!

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Went from on an exchange then to storing it on a @ledger nano x then to moving it to a @COLDCARDwallet mk4 and then to connecting our coldcard mk4 to our own running via @umbrel. Going to try on the MK4 next.

@COLDCARDwallet So, wake up crying and pee my pants? 😂

Toss 100 tiny dices just once to generate 256 bits of Seed Entropy:
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@COLDCARDwallet @Coinkite I wish I didn't have to trust that the seeds generated by coldcard weren't influenced in any way. Does coldcard give me this guarantee in what way? Thanks for the answer

Learn how to set up your new COLDCARD in 5 mins: by @Coinkite
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@nvk This video makes it look so easy and manageable -- thank you!

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💥 BREAKING: My in my @COLDCARDwallet doesn't care what this means for markets.

In other news, my hourly DCA with @Strike welcomes dips of all sizes.

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@SatoshiSteiff Coldcard is easy. It just happens to have a bunch of other features that will be there to explore if you ever become interested. But as far as receiving and signing transactions, it’s just as easy as any other signing device.

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@elsultanbitcoin Once they gain knowledge and move to only, there is currently only one answer @COLDCARDwallet @Coinkite @Opendime @nvk @HodlDee

@LeoWandersleb @GeraldGlickman @JWWeatherman_ @69420_Mark @Coldcard @seedsigner Every COLDCARD line of code can be found here for review and reproducibly build

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No shitcoin inside @Trezor @KeystoneWallet @COLDCARDwallet

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Soporte magnetico de ingenieria avanzada para @COLDCARDwallet 🤣

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