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@TrustWallet @bitcoinmagazine @BlackRock Use @COLDCARDwallet

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Amazing talk by @JeffBooth at @BtcVancity Meetup #004

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We are going “pro” with @BitcoinReviewHQ pod, checkout the new intro/outro.

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16/19 Once received in the Bitcoin Core wallet, send some to @COLDCARDwallet. You can export a list of receiving addresses to a .txt file & transfer via microSD to the Raspi node then copy/paste. Bech32 addresses seem to work best for PSBT, FYI. Verify address on the CC.

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15/19 Side note, while waiting for that transaction, if you're interested in building your own full node on a @Raspberry_Pi, here is how I built mine:


.@Coinkite automatically blanks your shipping info every 120 days

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@BitDadss @akkaufman @COLDCARDwallet Yes
Super easy to do.
Recommend because Coldcard is airgapped..
And Ledger had that hack where they got names/emails and not sure if anything else.. so I would create a new wallet on CC rather than import your current seed and sleep easy ✌️

MK3 vs MK4 vs Nano X vs Model T: coldcard.com/docs/compare-wall
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@Chris_Prinster @COLDCARDwallet Ledgers and trezors have strengths over the other's weakness

Coldcard covers both of those weaknesses

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@Chris_Prinster @COLDCARDwallet Ledgers and trezors have strengths over the other's weakness

Coldcard covers both of those weaknesses

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Coincards has teamed up with the @Coinkite team to give you 10% discounts on Coinkite products through their new gift cards!

Use these cards to purchase a @COLDCARDwallet @Opendime @theBLOCKCLOCK @usbCOLDPOWER and more!


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Blue Collar is powered by @Coinkite.💪

We know you don't want to part with ur sats, but let's be honest...some things are JUST THAT COOL.🤷‍♂️

Give in and accept it: you need @theBLOCKCLOCK.👇


We are way passed the Mk4 reservations shipped, fully stocked and shipping!

If you reserved a COLDCARD Mk4 and never claimed your reservation, check your spam folder or contact support at coinkite dot com

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@BitcoinDemiurge @BitDadss @COLDCARDwallet The @COLDCARDwallet is second to none. It's a little more technical than a ledger/trezor but not difficult by any means. If you don't want to transfer funds you could just restore your existing seed if you are happy with its security.

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Compre pela @RoboSats ;
Mixe na @SparrowWallet ;
Mande direto pra sua @COLDCARDwallet ;

Flow completo para sem KYC.

Sigam esse cara ⬇️ twitter.com/btcsessions/status

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We’ll have some 🍕 but will go fast so get there early for that. Also if interested we’ll have some BTC VAN shirts and stickers available to purchase. @COLDCARDwallet and @Coinkite have also provided a some goodies and will be given away! See you tomorrow friends ❤️

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bringing the work to life

To keep cool, wall spacers were added & a blower directs air thru a channel cut from the bottom of the wood panel

Embedded in the panel is the 1st distributed SATSCHIP - @Coinkite's new product allowing provable ownership of artwork via a tiny NFC chip

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What hardware devices and functionality you wished existed for but don't yet, and you were willing to pay for? – Asking for a friend...

Let me know below 👇👇👇

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My first time buying something with . I bought a @Coinkite hardware wallet this morning. I will detail setting it up when it arrives, hopefully unopened from Canada.

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📢Pleasure to have ⁦@nvk⁩, CEO @Coinkite to join us at 8/9, Taipei Time 7:30 pm, to chat about hardware wallet and self-custody.

很榮幸能邀請到NVK來到我們社群分享比特幣硬錢包和自我託管的重要性。就在台北時間8/9號,7:30 pm。地點在下方連結。


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