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Amazing talk by @JeffBooth at @BtcVancity Meetup #004

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We are going “pro” with @BitcoinReviewHQ pod, checkout the new intro/outro.

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16/19 Once received in the Bitcoin Core wallet, send some to @COLDCARDwallet. You can export a list of receiving addresses to a .txt file & transfer via microSD to the Raspi node then copy/paste. Bech32 addresses seem to work best for PSBT, FYI. Verify address on the CC.

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Coincards has teamed up with the @Coinkite team to give you 10% discounts on Coinkite products through their new gift cards!

Use these cards to purchase a @COLDCARDwallet @Opendime @theBLOCKCLOCK @usbCOLDPOWER and more!


RT @BtcVancity
We’ll have some 🍕 but will go fast so get there early for that. Also if interested we’ll have some BTC VAN shirts and stickers available to purchase. @COLDCARDwallet and @Coinkite have also provided a some goodies and will be given away! See you tomorrow friends ❤️

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bringing the work to life

To keep cool, wall spacers were added & a blower directs air thru a channel cut from the bottom of the wood panel

Embedded in the panel is the 1st distributed SATSCHIP - @Coinkite's new product allowing provable ownership of artwork via a tiny NFC chip

RT @Rob1Ham
When this happens at @TheRealTahinis , its actually just an @Opendime on the inside.

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FYI, the @Opendime Capsule can hold 1 round of 12-gauge. 😉 🧡 @nvk

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One kid at drama camp. One 10 year old home with dad working all week. Introducing chores for Sats! If she earns 500,000 Sats this week I told her I’d get her own hardware wallet too! @COLDCARDwallet she’d love a pink one :)

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Its @Opendime wedding time again. 666.666 satoshis are supposed to bring them good luck, great health, many children and upcoming unforgettable techno raves. fixes present problems fixes the marriage - long stretch I know 🤪😜🧡🧡🧡

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Introducing the BLOCKCLOCK BOOKSHELF, a custom prop we made for the film.


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Built a multi-modal flow for sending testnet today.

Once I can iron out the simple send design, I'm planning to add a PBST @COLDCARDwallet flow as well.

Steps along the way to setting up multisig wallets.

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I just created a 2/3 multisig using only @TAPSIGNER’s in less than 20 seconds! 🤯


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Introducing the BLOCKCLOCK BOOKSHELF, a custom prop we made for the film.


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Oooo…Is that an intra-office goodie box delivery that washed ashore? Our team has a sense of humor, got a fresh batch of La Playa Sol 😂

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Rare @SATSCARD striking error. But didn’t escape QA to become super rare… sorry.

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actualizacion de la base de madera para mi @COLDCARDwallet , ahora la con energia de @usbCOLDPOWER , falta una sujecion de la bateria mas elegante, pero ya esta funcional, gracias por todos estos dispositivos geniales @Coinkite

🎉🥳🖖Get your @SATSCARD before first batch runs out! Ships in 1-2 weeks.

🛒 store.coinkite.com/store/categ

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大好評 @katakoto さんのCOLDCARDシリーズに、第2弾【購入編】を追加しました。
直販サイトは日本語未対応ですが、step by stepのガイドを参考に、海外ガチ勢に一番人気のハードウォレットを入手してみては?


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