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@IIICapital Question for our community: What hardware wallet is easy to use and (most importantly) fail-safe?

I don't want to leave my investment on an exchange, but they're larger companies with more on the line, than the hardware wallets producers. So I've trusted their security more.

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Using @ElectrumWallet with a @COLDCARDwallet linked to my @getumbrel node. 👍

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@nvk my COLDCARD makes me feel immortal.

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Bóveda para Oro

Confía en el operador de la bóveda NO
Confía en el auditor NO
Confía en que el oro ha sido tasado NO
Confía en que las rocas son el futuro🤣

Bóveda para

No confíes en nadie ✅
Asegurado matemáticamente✅
@COLDCARDwallet twitter.com/blue_collarbtc/sta

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Gold vault

🟥Trust the vault operator
🟥Trust the auditor
🟥Trust that the gold has been assayed
🟥Trust that rocks are the future 😂


✅Trust no one
✅Mathematically assayed
✅Provable Scarcity

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Feeling like a kid on Christmas Day! 😁 @Coinkite @theBLOCKCLOCK

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Storming operation in Shenzhen southern district.

Police arrested 1 Bitcoin thug & seized criminal materials.

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@TradingWithPaul If your answer isn’t @COLDCARDwallet youre ngmi

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@TradingWithPaul Coldcard hands down.

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@TradingWithPaul @COLDCARDwallet COLDCARD

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I'm a big fan of using a hardware wallet to add an extra layer of security. What's your favourite Hardware Wallet?

Comment any other options below as well.

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@TradingWithPaul Coldcard is also very good.

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Thanks @COLDCARDwallet No better cold wallet.

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We are hiring @Coinkite, come build on COLDCARD, BLOCKCLOCK, OPENDIME, and many other products!

Front End Developer
Support Specialist
Document Writer
Embedded Micropython
Reactive Native Developer
Virtual Office Admin


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As an amateur electronic hobbyist, I have to say that @Coinkite’s Blockclock is the single most beautiful piece of kit I’ve ever seen.

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No better feeling than some fresh @Coinkite cold cards ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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3/19 @COLDCARDwallet has implemented BIP85 in their latest firmware release. Because they're awesome. And they have the coolest gear. So get one for yourself, open the tamper-evident packaging, plug it into your @usbCOLDPOWER and follow along.

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