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@PRutherphord My top choice for bitcoiners has been @COLDCARDwallet for the past few years.

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Air-gapped @COLDCARDwallet for cold storage.
Probably the best wallet out there for advanced users.
coldcard.com/ $BTC

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@COLDCARDwallet is much harder to debug… but it’s worth it. Needs wires for REPL access.

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Blue Collar Podcast is powered by @Coinkite.

Makers of the @COLDCARDwallet, the @Opendime, the @theBLOCKCLOCK & much more!

Simply put, this is THE BEST security hardware in existence.

Check is out coinkite.com, & use PROMO CODE "BCB" for 5% off!

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We may or may not have a spoiler for the new @COLDCARDwallet MK4 👀

Customization is coming @nvk!

Exciting new Mk4 options for development;

Hard Core, Medium Core and Soft Core dev modes...

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Buy a @COLDCARDwallet instead.

Also, hide your hardware wallet, no matter the kind.


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