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Shitcoiner daily to-do list:
✓ Check 4 different exchanges to see how "portfolio" is doing
✓ Watch latest shitcoin vid with open-mouth-dude thumbnail
✓ Go on social media and call Maximalists “boomers”
✓ Brag about their shitcoin’s tech
✓ Complain about maximalists’ toxicity

@dandarkpill I think you can do that with Twidere (app that lets you have Twitter and Mastodon in one feed)

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activation meeting on

Tuesday 2nd February 19:00 UTC

- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)
- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal (if we have time)

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My Lightning Network Gaming startup THNDR GAMES just crossed the 100,000 download mark.

Lightning Network Deniers have gone the way of the Dodo 🦤

@bitcoinpasada curious what you think of it, was thinking about running it too.

Twidere is great, it combines Mastodon an Twitter feeds and lets you cross-post🤯

@jackeveritt nice! Lmk what you think of it when you're all set :)

@jackeveritt @mattodell wanted to do that too a while back..... phone not supported :(

I'm back to Twidere, seeing if I can combine both my Mastodon an Twitter feed in here.

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