It's annoying that I can't see how many favorites/boosts a toot has without opening it. (At least in Tusky)

@Coinbase same on Amoruq. But it’s not a show stopper.

@hanakookie Makes it feel like there isn't much interaction going on :/

@Coinbase there is only 7000 of us. High engagement thresh hold is 50K. Then it goes exponential from there. We are becoming the biggest instance on here. Which isn’t saying that much

@hanakookie I agree but would be nice if interaction was better visible.

@Coinbase takes time. This is no different than what we go through with bitcoin. Smaller than twitter is ok. As long as we continue more will come. Remember the bitcoin community they are all talking about. Well it’s not true. We have tribes. Telegram has tribes of tribes of Bitcoiners. Bitcoinhackers is the pleb tribe.

@hanakookie we're talking about different things :D . I'm talking ux wise.


I would also like comment "boosts" also. Otherwise this is a great platform and I really love the idea of hosting my own mastodon instance for my account.

@Coinbase Yeah it didn't used to be that way. Not sure if it's a change to Tusky or Mastodon.

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