What happens if this instance would go offline all of a sudden? Is it possible to move to another instance then? @nvk

@Coinbase @nvk You can export your posts, but your handle is coupled to the instance.

@fluxdev @Coinbase @nvk Can't export your posts after the instance goes down though...

@Coinbase @nvk If this instance disappears you can just create a new account elsewhere. Unfortunately not possible to retroactively export your follow list or whatever, for obvious reasons.

@kekcoin @nvk If I do an export does it also include my followers?

@Coinbase @nvk Don't know, why don't you try? I know it's possible to set up account redirection (for example if you decide to move to a different/your own instance). Your current followers will have to manually re-follow you though, and obviously this wouldn't work in the "this instance suddenly disappears" scenario.

@Coinbase @nvk In theory yes. Usually you would set a redirect from the old instance though, that's not possible then...

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