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I haven't printed a source code listing in ages, now I did.🤪 I do this for code reviews because I pack more in a page than I can on the screen.🤓

$22K to change the Tesla battery? This guy said: "NO FICKING WAY". 🤣

Why our brain can be our worst enemy during a nightmare? Is it our body, in a funny way, saying: "Wake up! You've slept too much!"

I bought a shovel at IKEA. What a bad idea! I don't feel like assembling it and I don't feel like shovelling the snow afterward.

Big Brother hits again! Instagram and Google accounts can't be created without a cell phone. I tried with a MagicJack phone, but it's impossible because it doesn't support SMS. I tried with a Twilio SMS number. Both websites refuse to connect with them at all. And yet, notice all the fake accounts that try to scam you. The only one who can create these fake accounts is Big Brother itself.

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Do something your future self will thank you for

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Someone just moved 16,006 BTC worth $1 billion for a transaction fee of $1.75

The magic of

@louisrcouture 🤣
The 'negative microwave' looks like a clickbait.😂 I don't see much there because of my ad blocker.

And to answer the question, the short answer is 'NO'. Just like noise canceling headphones, the most it could do is lessening the intensity of an existing radiation, that is if the possibility of directing the radiation very precisely exists. 🤓

"Apple silently fixes iOS zero-day, asks bug reporter to keep quiet"

WOW! APPLE is beyond arrogant! No respect for Security Researchers. 🤦

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World War I German military bicycle brought from Germany in Tanganyika, present day Tanzania, which was used by German's soldiers to engage British's soldiers in Kenya.

German machine still intact, I need something like this today.

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Coinbase Multi-Factor Authentication Hack Affects at Least 6,000 Customers
A flaw allowed hackers to get customers’ SMS two-factor authentication code and break into their accounts.
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