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So we sacrificed the economy(national security), normal life, everyone's jobs, the mental health of many, and the mental health of the children that have to grow up in clown world for what? A small percentage of elderly overweight people who might get sick?

About 1 day and 20 hours left until our pre-launch! Sign up before Friday if you haven't already for a chance to win free products!

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Wife: " Whats our internet speed, I'm telling my brother"

Me: "It's a symmetrical Gigabit link."

Wife: "But what speed is it?"

Me: "1 gigabit up and down."

Wife: "Why won't you just tell me how fast it is?!"

Me: "There's like a 1-2 ms response time from the provider, where do you want me to test to?"

Wife: "Whatever."

Am I the only one that didn't know that Rick & Morty was just being made as Polar Opposites? And there is two seasons?!

Also, I will be giving away a free [REDACTED] to the person who comments here and correctly guesses what the price of bitcoin will be, within $5, when @mattodell contacts me.

@mattodell doesn't want to be my fren :(

Any one else want his free Bitcoin cold storage gift? We can totally just scratch his name off and put yours in it's place. j/k there's no names on them but yes you can have the official Matt Odell [REDACTED]. It will come with an autographed signature from me and will be the only one of it's kind. Well, it will technically be the same as all the others but it was definitely going to go to @mattodell.

Comment why he hates me here to win.

Packaging Survey:

@jakub Good lol. I literally can't even. I was in IT forever(still am?) and have been a long time linux advocate, but I've only been able to convince as many people to use linux as I have bitcoin. I should have just told everyone not to use it. Would have been way more effective. Now using a mac for the first time... I feel like I'm in the future.

-er poll:

Money is no object, what do you get?

It's not too late to win free products by entering at

Winners will receive their products before they're available at our store!

Compact, Metal, Cold Storage!

We're about two weeks from launch and want to give out some more prizes! Sign up at for a chance to win some of our products! (Some of you won, but don't know it yet!)

We will be releasing the photos and specs any day now so sign up and keep stacking!

Maybe they want to remove energy from the equation because they can’t turn back time and not many know the math…

Bitcoins foundation is built upon Energy, Math, and Time. destroys the establishments fiat illusion with unchangeable, undeniable, forces of nature.

Maybe they want to remove energy from the equation because they can’t turn back time and not many know the math…

Have fun not staying poor and sign up at so you can keep your bits nice and cold.

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