DMT is very interesting. I like that it only lasts like maybe 15 minutes.

Totally different highs if you eyes are closed vs open.

@kiosk Squinting might just cause something to touch/tickle and cause the sneeze.

Pushing the vaccinations when they admit they're only (mostly) effective if everyone gets it, while knowing that half the people aren't going to get it is irresponsible.

If your seed isn't marked on steel you risk losing your bitcoin!

"HFNSP" with give you 15% off at codl.co

Umbrel is awesome! Setting up lightning channels for the first time. If you want to help us get started open up a channel. Thanks!
028[email protected]m2zyciqdpsx3bjjxs4iz3xcyfj5shth5yojt6bdimpmp2cvywcskjead.onion:9735

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@Andrew_B Or Occam's razor says it's a ball, just like all the other balls we see floating around.

@stock_peterson if you go to sphinx.chat you can get a light node for cheap. that gives you the invite.

Just learned the Pokemon creators first name is Satoshi.

Also, just added an Easter egg to our terms and conditions. ;)

What's your favorite Bitcoin project?

I'm digging Bitcoin Bounty hunt. Added some sats. Enjoy!

@[email protected] @verretor

lol just went into a daydream about an austin powers meme where he dance fights the fembots(NPCs) off with facts and they all explode.

@[email protected] @verretor

NPC's are the perfect analogy. They can only respond with what they're programmed with. The media/news/entertainment monopolies are a cancer on society.

If all their political bullshit they pushed into everything didn't wake their pawns up, I'm not sure anything will.

@verretor Well, something needs to happen.

They could lift the illegal mandates and most of the idiots would still wear them, so I guess there's no fixing stupid but we need the authoritarian bullshit to stop.

I'm now referring to the pAnDemIC as the second holocaust where we were all sacrificed so our masters could micro manage us.

uses so much energy that we're going to start having to tax every one to pay for it.

So go ahead and pay your bitcoin tax, just be sure to withdraw it from the exchange!

Oh, and we have a fucking cure and have had before the pAnDemIC

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