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Sign up to get notified when we launch. Supplies won't last. We will only have about 75 to 100 of each of our models for sale in our first batch and we want to make them a special founders edition. We are very excited to get feed back and hope you love them as much as we do! We are also picking a lucky subscriber for a free model so sign up @

Pushing the vaccinations when they admit they're only (mostly) effective if everyone gets it, while knowing that half the people aren't going to get it is irresponsible.

If your seed isn't marked on steel you risk losing your bitcoin!

"HFNSP" with give you 15% off at

Umbrel is awesome! Setting up lightning channels for the first time. If you want to help us get started open up a channel. Thanks!
028[email protected]m2zyciqdpsx3bjjxs4iz3xcyfj5shth5yojt6bdimpmp2cvywcskjead.onion:9735

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Just learned the Pokemon creators first name is Satoshi.

Also, just added an Easter egg to our terms and conditions. ;)

What's your favorite Bitcoin project?

I'm digging Bitcoin Bounty hunt. Added some sats. Enjoy!

I'm now referring to the pAnDemIC as the second holocaust where we were all sacrificed so our masters could micro manage us.

uses so much energy that we're going to start having to tax every one to pay for it.

So go ahead and pay your bitcoin tax, just be sure to withdraw it from the exchange!

Oh, and we have a fucking cure and have had before the pAnDemIC

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So we sacrificed the economy(national security), normal life, everyone's jobs, the mental health of many, and the mental health of the children that have to grow up in clown world for what? A small percentage of elderly overweight people who might get sick?

About 1 day and 20 hours left until our pre-launch! Sign up before Friday if you haven't already for a chance to win free products!

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Wife: " Whats our internet speed, I'm telling my brother"

Me: "It's a symmetrical Gigabit link."

Wife: "But what speed is it?"

Me: "1 gigabit up and down."

Wife: "Why won't you just tell me how fast it is?!"

Me: "There's like a 1-2 ms response time from the provider, where do you want me to test to?"

Wife: "Whatever."

Am I the only one that didn't know that Rick & Morty was just being made as Polar Opposites? And there is two seasons?!

Also, I will be giving away a free [REDACTED] to the person who comments here and correctly guesses what the price of bitcoin will be, within $5, when @mattodell contacts me.

@mattodell doesn't want to be my fren :(

Any one else want his free Bitcoin cold storage gift? We can totally just scratch his name off and put yours in it's place. j/k there's no names on them but yes you can have the official Matt Odell [REDACTED]. It will come with an autographed signature from me and will be the only one of it's kind. Well, it will technically be the same as all the others but it was definitely going to go to @mattodell.

Comment why he hates me here to win.

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