Here waiting for capitulation, mind playing tricks on me.

Let me explain you my ultra innovative flopchain based project

@nic 53X is how much i'm up on my shitcoin position, obviously :)

just turned on local news for 5 minutes and they immediately jumped into a "Secret codes teens use while texting" segment.

no points for figuring out what "53X" stands for...

This week I've bought at my cheapest price ever since I entered the space. Who would've told me a year ago, that I'd be buying at 4K with a smile on my face...

"Unbanked? Give everyone a free bank account!"

Loved those comments.


The French are a bit fed up with their 'leaders'. They have a unique way to express themselves.

Of course I already know about the massive Black Friday sale on Bitcoin

@BTCHODL @danielfl

They’ll compose ballads about me, that’s for sure! The lone rekt penguin who taught newbs and fought scammers. 😂

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