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In keeping with decentralized software/networks/social media, I will be moving my account to with the resolution of my Federated relays.

I sense another down draft. Save some dry powder.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the weak hands that gave me the opportunity to stack some sats. 🙏

Interesting read.
Voltaire coined the phrase: “Paper Money Eventually Returns To Its Intrinsic value – ZERO.”

It’s more interesting when you replace the word ‘gold’ with ‘Bitcoin’

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The Quebec public school system ALONE requires 85 million disposable masks to be worn and thrown away per year. Holy fuck.

Environmental disaster.

You’ll know when Bitcoin is ready to make another ATH when it first starts to breakdown. The whales will hit hard and fast to loosen coins from weak hands. Then it will reverse and take another parabolic move. The greatest and largest traders who have existed outside of Bitcoin have always “sent in soldiers” aka expendable large market orders to part the order book and watch it fill back up again. They use this to gauge which way opponents are jockeying. The setup looks ripe for this scenario.

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@NicolasDorier Is there a resource that describes how to proxy BTCPay behind Tor via Nginx on clearnet? The rationale being not to expose the BTCPay server and ease of use for those not familiar with Tor Browser.

If anyone wants to create a vanity Tor v3 address this article walks you through it It leverages Pretty decent performance for 6 letter Tor prefix. Anything beyond that you may need gmax level hardware.

I was trying to figure out why the Federated timeline on was so skimpy. This illustration seems to depict the logic. The more users on an instance that has mutual, yet slightly expanded/somewhat related interests has a better chance of broadening out your local instance's Federated view based on who they follow outside your instance. So either your instance's few users must follow a tremendous amount of people, or acquire users that each follow slightly diverse people outside.

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If Orwell was here today, he’d have been censored for “hate speech”

I think I'm starting to really get Mastodon after looking at and vs Each instance doesn't need 1000s or millions of users to be succesful (aka network affects). It can be as small as hosting a couple friends and strangers. The data resides there but can interact with virtually any unblocked federation instance.

Does it make sense to enable Tor on a Mastodon instance?

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