@Clancy @americanhodl we are thinking of getting him suspended. Maybe we can convince his wife first

@Clancy @americanhodl
Notice the lack of the folks that need affirmation yet speak of freedom liberty and standing tall. They ain't here because they are cucks, in my day we called them pussies. They all talk s good game. But when the day comes they will gold like a paper towel. They have never known what a real fight looks like or feels like. Children , jacks children, they do what they are told and only act bold. They do not take bold action. Weakness of truth

@Bubba @americanhodl or Mastadon is just beta and sucks and he knows it. Watch your mouth talkin shit about my friend. He puts his money where his mouth is everyday.

@Clancy @Bubba @americanhodl AH is a really great guy. Not good to speak trash about someone you donโ€™t really know. And heโ€™s funny as shit. One of the original plebs. Pirate, deater, AH, and me. Long live plebs. Rich pricks

@Clancy @americanhodl I don't recall talking trash about AH. I myself like him and his spirit. All I said was , twitter did what it did. At anytime they could all deplatform any of us. If they shut down not trump, they shut down the president of the united States . If you choose to not make a stand, when you've called others out for not making a stand . Expect to get a little shit thrown you way. So what this is in beta... Twitter is a prison and master to it slaves. Make a stand or don't.

@Bubba @Clancy @americanhodl "It's still early" isn't just a meme - there is a lot left for some folks to figure out own their own. We still have schmucks on here glorifying keybase because "it's too hard to use gpg, hurr-durr!" even after they announced "No 3-D gun printers".

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