We should coordinate a mass usage of “cunt” at a specific time on twitter. A mass cunt attack on @Jack.

We all know that something along these lines probably exists in our future. Do your prep now and make sure your rebuttals are swift and concise when/if they are required.

Have y’all been paying attention to these internet blackouts in Iraq, Vatican City, etc? They were routing votes through the mother fucking Vatican satellites. People digging into IP addresses so they blacked it out.

The mother fucking Vatican.

This my friends is the NWO.

And not the wrestling squad.

Loooootttsss of H’s being left hanging on twitter 😕 sorry not sorry bye

Ppl talkin shit to me on twitter and no one to back me up cause all my plebs on Mastadon!!!!

So what I’m getting is this is basically one big text thread and if you miss the toot you miss it? This gives me anxiety.

Soooo non bitcoiners aren’t going to join bitcoin hackers. Who are we going to shit on? I guess I have to shit on all you retards now.

Lenox wasn’t Ubuntu on day one. Stay strong 🤞🏼

It's stuff in the mail day again!

@Mvdex artist proof arrived.. look at the price of the corn when I purchased it!

Just pitched Bitcoin to a group of high school friends that are all Black. Because I suggested Bitcoin could end systemic racism I was BEATIN THE FUCK DOWN. Apparently I’m a racist now....for giving them a way out.......confusing.

I’m in twitter timeout because I called a retard a retard.

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