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dont waste energy.

recycles the waste of energy.

You want to look at rejected energy in this chart. (This is an example,. Washington 2014, we use this chart because its simple and clean, but its similar around the globe)

78 hours until im free of twitter jail.... After i escape i will recover time taking a few shits on Elon. I hope he doesnt try to fix the situation. Fuck Elon Musk. He should be grateful i dont live in USA.

I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL (still in twitter jail, but ther is a small hill)

Fuck, i would have loved dunk on Elon with you Bitcoiners... i still in twitter jail, but we have learnt a good lesson today.

Bitcoin willl survive, Elon will fal in disgrace, just wait for tomorrow.


Big block your mother if you want big block

I continue in twitter jail, fuck shitoiners and fudsters, enjoy the peace while it lasts...

Hello from twitter jail, i guess telling energy fudsters to throw temselves in a furnance to stop wasting energy and give some back wasnt politically correct. Sigh...

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You will know that you have understood once you stop thinking in dollars and start thinking in .

" waste a lot of energy" is a clear example of absence of critical thinking.

Go to the street, do you feel the wind, the sun or the rain, do you hear the river?

There you have your wasted energy.

Fossil fuel oligarchs think you're stupid.

Are you?

WSB, DOGE, XRP get rekt, BTC go up.

Nature is healing.

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I can't, i sincerely can't handle all the clinical retardation of WSB and shitcoin twitter.

Im too rational for this shit.

Im watching people jumping in a volcano, and my voice is too silent to be heard.

How do you handle this wave of scammers and idiots?

Its very sad to see where crypto is going... Its extremely bullish for BTC, but all that paid shilling of ETH, DOGE, GME, AMC, etc... will end in tears for those that invest on them only to mess with Wall Street.

The house always wins, they are using the outrage of the people against the people.

They are making Wall Street rich trying to attack Wall Street.

Only fixes this, the rest are pure scams, from devs, to whales, to miners.

The tech can be good, but the price is bullshit.


They showed their true face, they fucked millions of millenials and zoomer with their scammy tactics.

The catalyst is now.

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"The world is ruled by fat-tail events, or seemingly improbable occurrences that have an outsized impact, and all indicators so far point to Bitcoin being one." - Bill Miller

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RT @Hodlonaut
Everyone with a voice in Bitcoin should raise it when someone threatens to bankrupt all Bitcoin developers through legal action.


CSW going full terrorist now, let me check BSVBTC... everything makes sense now.

What is wrong with that lunatic?

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Simplemente hermoso.
"Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn't have the keys used to sign this message.
We are all Satoshi"

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