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Every battle you choose to engage in, you're fighting from a place of power.

This is the difference between and everything else. (💩 coins). Act according....

Let's get something straight.

did not need Tesla. Tesla needed .

That goes for all the other corporations, institutions, countries etc. that are trying to jump on this rocket ship.🚀🚀🚀

"We may impress people with our strengths, but we connect with people through our weaknesses"

-Craig Groeschel

This morning my son put away the cash he received from the tooth fairy the night before.

Looking at his wallet he said to me, "I've got too much cash, Dad can you put half of this in ?"

Proud dad moment ❤❤❤

Hot take: SPAC's in the long run are going to be a disaster. I know the concept seems "Amazing", but writing a blank check and giving it to someone on any premise is ripe for scams imho. Just and .

The best way to tell if a politician is lying is to see when they are opening their mouths to speak. 🤣🤣😳

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There’s a chance you could lose all your money investing in . But keep it in fiat and you’ll lose it all for certain.

It makes total sense that the richest man on the planet wants to keep it that way.

It's impossible long term to win in a rigged game.

It blows my mind that people would rather stay poor than admit they were wrong...At least H...

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Never buy the marketing pitch.

Robinhood = steal from the poor
Code is law = we'll change whatever the fuck we want

Anyone telling you this GME trade was just stupid gambling and button pressing is either a fool or straight up lying to you.

Taking out a Wallstreet hedge fund is like going for a knee cap, taking out a central bank is going for their throat.

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People trying to short squeeze silver again is a huge fucking waste of time.

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Is there a way to add gifs to your toots?

I need my fix, hands are getting shaky...Who are some good bitcoiner's to follow on Mastodon?

Well since Twitter keeps crashing, (on the android version), might as well jump into some Mastodon.

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