@doubleyousee23 worse, I remember tweets were mildly chronological before.

@BTCKitty but how is it turning into something positive? You don't learn Java from owning Litecoin. You learn Java by actually learning Java. Your story sounds like these events were just in the same part of his life but unrelated.

@Dandelion @LitePham it does not serve a use at all. There is no need for "less secure more scalable" because Bitcoin scales on the LN. You only have "less secure" as a result.

@BTCKitty that sounds very irrelevant, seems like LTC has nothing to do with learning to program.

So far liking Mastodon more than Twitter. Of course Twitter still has the network effect with most anyone tweeting there, but I'll give this a chance by staying here.
I really like the "local timeline" feature, so I can see stuff from people I don't follow but should have the same purpose to be here as me: being among other Bitcoin maximalists.

Oh yeah and FINALLY chronological toots again.

Any good Android client for this? I'm on the site now.

I do miss seeing if a toot has replies though.

@dominic I thought we weren't shitcoining on this instance?;)

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