Taking my first steps doing shit on Ubuntu, setting up a node with it is quite confusing. I tried to change the data directory for Bitcoin to an external hard drive but failed miserably. No I don’t know what folders to move to the hard drive.

Is there anyone who could help me with this? :)

I’m thinking the best outcome for an average loser like me is to make some money so I can just give up and realize I never did anything anyone cared about. Maybe that way I can be free in my mind.
I wonder how much I’d need to make to make it reality.
Pumped for life at the bottom accepting to never be the Hank Rearden I wanted to be. Bitter sweet win tbh. Not bad at all.

Courts have concluded Elon has a gigant penis!
I’m not making this up.
Go look it up.

@Cane_X @EmptyBanks Suspect it’ll be the Bitmex model.

Illegal in principle in particular jurisdictions, de facto accessible to all with the right equipment and a VPN

Anyone wanna talk about what Elon is up to with Starlink?
The Duma(?) just concluded it’s punishable(fine) to access Starlink for Russian citizens.

What is Elon’s plan for Starlink ? There’s no way in fucking hell he’ll be satisfied just delivering to the Nation states who accept it.
Something is up with this...

Holy fuck this is hilarious. One of the guys who work in our landscaping team was uploading pictures from a job he did to our business management system. He accidentally included dick pics to go along with the new patio or whatever 😂

RT @nic__carter
Maybe being obsessively focused on resilience at literally every layer of the stack was the precise right amount of paranoia?

What Elon should do:
IPO/sell Starlink at a ridonkulus price, let’s say $1T. Make sure the board is a bunch of hardcore freedom fighters, ready to take on the craziness of fighting the state alone. Start it up, throw away the keys. Sell subscriptions. The world changes over night😁all has to happen within hours after IPO. There’ll be trust issues, yes, but better than what we have today. The US Goblerment has no idea how to do fancy shit in space without Elon kinda 😉

@mrhash didn’t you early on mention Remisidivir(?) and cortisol in combination to treat or prevent covid? I told the doc I know back then, and asked wid she could get me some. [Do-gooder friend went nuts for me planning hoarding it when I didn’t need it immediately]. Now, roughly 9months later, she told me they started using the treatment. Being right is a great satisfaction. Enjoy :)

Boomers who wanted Bitcoin two days ago backed down. Maybe I shouldn’t behave asked them today 😂 they’ll be back

holy shit 

Ha! I just 100Xed my Mastodon experience by changing the layout!!!​

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