1. buy bitcoin
2. write articles about bitcoin
3. talk about bitcoin on tv a lot
4. ???????
5. profit

@nvk Thank you. It feels like social media is at the equivalent point on the event horizon as the traditional financial system in Dec 2006, when subprime mortgages saw the very first uptick in delinquencies. Only the fringe was warning of a blow-up & most were poo-pooing it. For social media today, self-cancellation has begun en masse. I liken it to that early uptick in subprime mortgage delinquencies in Dec 06. So...where's the Satoshi of decentralized, censorship-resistant social media???

@nvk no -- please no!!! If scammers is the issue & there's no way to block them, how about moving to another platform? Is Scuttlebutt any better?

@StarAStar @Clashicly 🙏 As I've always said tho, the devs are the most important people in !

@Clashicly Just learning the UI here--I'm new! I'll figure out how to do it :)

@hanakookie stay tuned! There are lots of details to make it compatible with banking law, but again that's our purpose -- we're the compatible bridge for funds to flow from the traditional system to bitcoin, and vice versa. I suspect it will be fairly one-way tho!

Slack, Twitter, Medium

has transitioned to

Mattermost, Mastodon, Email

We're at least federating... Decentralization is next.

@drbitcoinmd holy cow, the honor is mine! Looks like a few twitter followers came over as well! 🤠

@j12d @NuGoUp thanks! I've actually been here for a while, but hadn't activated it until now! HODL on!!

We're now mirroring our social media posts to the free and open source social media network Mastodon via the bitcoinhackers.org instance. Find us at @Blockstream! 🦣🛰️⚡️🌊🛡️

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