@CaitlinLong great read. I still can’t believe that most of these ppl don’t understand. You’ve got the golden ticket. Kraken too. It’s far bigger than Defi could ever be. Great job. Looking forward to hearing more.

@CaitlinLong if you can tokenize USD as a bearer it’s game over for stablecoins. It’s game over for CBDC’s, Swift, Fedwire, ACH. That’s all the bottom of the USD stack.

@hanakookie stay tuned! There are lots of details to make it compatible with banking law, but again that's our purpose -- we're the compatible bridge for funds to flow from the traditional system to bitcoin, and vice versa. I suspect it will be fairly one-way tho!

@CaitlinLong Is there someplace besides Twitter where I can read it?

@CaitlinLong When Mastodon-storm? Some of us really not willing to give big tech our data or eyeballs anymore.

@Clashicly Just learning the UI here--I'm new! I'll figure out how to do it :)

@StarAStar @Clashicly 🙏 As I've always said tho, the devs are the most important people in !

@CaitlinLong great explanation, learned a lot.

Good luck to you and Avanti and Kraken, that will be epic. No more messing around!! Can't wait

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