Have these people not realized we’re not going to stop stacking and we’re never selling?

How is there any bitcoin left? Seriously.

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Michael Saylor "People can go f**k themselves, they can't take your

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Market dropped 10% due to false claims of a double spend.
This report ignores how the protocol works.
Two miners find a block at the same time, the first of those two blocks to gain a parent is kept and the other one is rejected. This is by design and happens all the time. Its why we wait for multiple confirmations before accepting a that a payment has been sent/received.

In other words, institutions are spreading fear for a lower buy in. Keep stacking.

There’s a construction company I just found out buying bitcoin. Holy crap

Grayscale is a beast today. 18 days of supply eaten up.

Grayscale added 5,132 :bitcoin: today. 570% of the daily supply

2,612 :bitcoin: that is 290% of the daily supply grayscale took out today. Yesterday was 240%

Guggenheim has to wait till the end of the month to start buying. They’ve bought 0 so far.

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The bitcoin community is still so small. But the army we’re building is getting bigger everyday.

100% of bitcoiners know we’re going to 100k. 0.001% of the population know this.

Over 4 hours now to buy. The backlog must be huge on the Canadian exchanges.

The lower it goes the more bitcoin I get with my cuck bucks.

Imagine the legendary stories you get to tell in the future. “Yes. John Jr. we used to toot.”

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Going to run my first full node tomorrow.

It’s going to funny as fuck when the first shitcoiner posts here.

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