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If you are shilling to noobs these are the first two books. That's it. Plain and simple. One explains what is coming and one explains understanding this lifeline

These are the doors.
Jeff Booth. Kiarra Bickers

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The Constitution of Natural Law
I the individual, responsible for my life, liberty and pursuit of meaning.
1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
Self custody

The End

Live your life, own your time.

I think we need an old fashion barroom brawl. That's spirll into muddy parking lot with kicking and biting and all that. Then cool out go back in and have around of shots and beers on the house

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Imagine thinking you can contribute enough to Bitcoin to buy yourself shitcoin points.

Its not fucking Weight Watchers, Gomez!

So many influencers are missing the boat. The need to be on only fans. That way they could make fiat like a whore while we can watch them fuck their selves.

This is how you work around a broken system @NOT_LC_HODL @modernTman this is exactly what we were talking about. Innovative
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Almost fell out of my chair on this. 👇😂🤣

Nothing like listening to a spaces of a bunch thinkbois and apologist sucking each others dick. Nice circle jerk bois. Jesus. Bitcoiners will kill bitcoin before any govt. Not one of these boys will survive the real street fight with their manicured nails.

I'm not invested in bitcoin. I own it for the freedom that's coming. You have to own your freedom and defended it. Ain't a damn soul gonna defend their Tesla or apple stock. That's investment.

Can we agree that California is the biggest scam on earth. If any of you residents try to defend this absolute shit hole, don't. I know all about northern Cali, but I'm sorry to say its still Cali.
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Another day in the People's Republik of Kalifornia

CA law upheld requiring property owners to pay 1 month's rent to tenants being evicted

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Maxwell got 20 years for trafficking children.

Ross got 2 life sentences for running a website.

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Nothing beats cutting out the middleman. Stop buying commercial beef and . @kandccattle @beefinitiative makes food intelligence and pure animal protein accessible.

Oh and pay with :

Regenerative ranch for sale in Nevada
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Keeping up with Kevin’s ranch is more than we can emotionally handle, so we’ve decided to put it up for sale. We hope that by going public with this, we’ll find a buyer who shares Kevin’s principles. We’ll post the listing once it's up.

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Honored to have @ODELL speaking at the Colorado Beef Initiative Conference
- July 22nd-24th in Crawford, Co.

Matt will conduct a workshop & we'll do a hands on example of ranchers getting paid in then feast on all that @JasonWrich has to offer.

Airline inflation update in December one way ticket was $1200 , now its $2000. Manila to San Fransisco. There your inflation update

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