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If you are shilling to noobs these are the first two books. That's it. Plain and simple. One explains what is coming and one explains understanding this lifeline

These are the doors.
Jeff Booth. Kiarra Bickers

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The Constitution of Natural Law
I the individual, responsible for my life, liberty and pursuit of meaning.
1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
Self custody

The End

Live your life, own your time.

God damn I'm going to sleep. Wake up earlier David !!!!
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Episode 510 of Bitcoin And . . . is LIVE!

Topics for today:

- @lightning upgrades Terminal
- You don't know @Jack
- @nayibbukele says "stop the brrr"
- @AarikaRhodes accepting donations



What a great idea. Simple straight forward.
No STFU and get to work
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@datecua1 Gardens do need fertilizer. Thanks for contributing some shit!

Been awake 26 hrs straight . drove 700 plus miles. When I wakebup I expect y'all to this shit figured out .
That is all

Come on twitter folks. Stay this time and make it work. Last year we almost made it. Influencers break your addiction to the dopamine. I went back to twitter for the and . Bring that shit over here its important

Just one day after Jack Dorsey left, updated its private information safety policy to ban sharing images or videos of private individuals without their consent.

There are other signs of bad changes to come.

You can hear more on podcast with @Princey one once bitten,
The blue collar plebcast
Bitcoin matrix is recording tonight
And with Tftc and Marty bent recording in a week.

If our food means anything to you go listen

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I've been gone a while working like a dog to retire at the end of the year. Plane tickets bought for Jan. Not much spare time at all. But I've been back to twitter helping a guy get traction. It is a very important issue close to my heart. Our food is fucked by big corp and such. If this anything to you go hear and learn. He is a Texan @moderntman on the twat.

You can only be free if you don’t need what they have, don’t mind if they take what they can from you, and have something valuable they can not take. This is the answer to the question why ?

The January 6th insurrection was so violent…that the only deaths were government men killing women…twice:

JP Sears is brilliant. This YouTube video on invasion of privacy by β€œprotocol” is amazing:

Met up with @drgo today. We had a fine time meeting and talking for about 6 hours.
Did I mention we met at the gun range and had a fuckin bang up time. Loud and proud.

Guns bitcoin and freedom....
Is there anything better

Bitcoin does not need bitcoin Twitter to succeed. Get off the high horse.

Biden has no power over you. Stay the course. The law suits and appeals will start tomorrow. This goes nowhere

Looking to make money after you’re fired? Move to San Francisco, where it’s legal to rob liberals, so long as you keep the dollar value low enough. Without that pesky drug habit and a little frugalness, you’ll be good to retire within 10 years.

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