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If you are shilling to noobs these are the first two books. That's it. Plain and simple. One explains what is coming and one explains understanding this lifeline

These are the doors.
Jeff Booth. Kiarra Bickers

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The Constitution of Natural Law
I the individual, responsible for my life, liberty and pursuit of meaning.
1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
Self custody

The End

Live your life, own your time.

Government: Don’t do drugs, kids.

Also the government: Take this experimental shot now or else.

Hey you're vaccinated so you're immune /
But you gotta stay away from those unvaccinated idiots because you might catch it from them

Hey you don't have to wear a mask since you're vaccinated /
But you should wear a mask because you might still infect others

Hey you are literally a sheep who marches to our merry tune /
Go back inside and hide for another six months or else

Someday, I genuinely hope we as a society and we as physicians will add authoritarian as a mental disease to the DSM and offer treatment to these diseased souls. But right now we keep doing stupid shit like electing these freaks to office.

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Look, my tax dollars went into creating covid, I should be able to get infected by it if I want to.

The mainstream narrative soon: β€œThe vaccines don't quite work which is why everyone has to be vaccinated.”

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"The Chinese Communist Party's Social Credit System goes nationwide next year and no one is willing to criticise it"

Says all you need to know.

Coming to a country near you soon.

You've been warned πŸ‘‡

Took the weekend off and ran off grid to the desert. I come back and bitcoin is alive. I should hillbilly hottub more often

I'm all for privacy. It was much easier before this chatbox they call the internet. That being said. This squabble about KYC dca vs privacy. I'll say this slow for the ever so tech savvy folks. Some of us actually do work away from computers, some of us have family's, some of us live damn near off the grid, some have been around long enough to know.... YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY. We live in a surveillance state. But still we hodl botcoin. It'll all be OK. BTW twitter post about privacy are not private

There are people that email Blockstream support asking us why their CashApp transactions take so long because they see our name on the block explorer.

Any one of them could talk about more intelligently than Elon Musk.

Is it me or can elon barely form an intelligent thought and then verbalize it. Christ it like listening to homeless guy on the street rant about end of days. He maybe the richest but he ain't the smartest guy on earth

Irrational Fear of Guns and of Covid19 is an Irrational Fear of Life

Can’t make this shit up. Commies can’t help themselves.
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Leftists in El Salvador today are protesting against , they are in favor of using "the imperial" fiat money, USD

This may look like a joke but is the sad reality

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Many people dislike this headline.

If you’re concerned about people FOMOing in to an asset they don’t understand, then consider whether most people understand the other assets they invest in - or currencies they use!

New piece for @bitcoinmagazine -

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Whether you like it or not, understand it or not, Satoshi picked the battle when he launched the protocol.

I’m really hoping for the Deluxe variant, unfortunately Hilux is already a Toyota trademark
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The β€œDelta variant” is the flu you muppets. How is anyone is dumb enough to fall for this again?

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