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I present the Halving-Hype Cycle Spiral. Utilizing blocks measured in time and starting at the halving for being the cycle’s initiator due to its supply shock and hype, therefore preferable to the 4yr cycle.

Let's march to Q1'22!

This is a pretty damn good framework to look at & approach the mass formation/mass hypnosis. I think fighting it violently is a grave mistake.

Prof Mattias Desmet at his best. 🔥🧡

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To everyone who tells me I should get vaxxed, you can go fuck yourselves.
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I might be acquiring a mini-fuckton of fiat soon. Lump sum BTFD or DCA conservatively over the next two years?

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The Lightning Network now has 3,348 BTC in over 84,400 channels ⚡

is scaling.

Ok - need some Node advice/help.

Got a little dedicated Nuc running ubuntu & bitcoin core. Currently syncing & about 4% ([email protected] per hr) into it. 1T SSD with 16Gb ram. Literally I have only installed Ubuntu Desktop 20.04.2 LTS & Bitcoin core.

Any suggestions? I know little about running Ubuntu & I’m channeling 20 year old linux skills which are basic at best.

Happy for all feedback - I’m happy enough syncing from scratch.

It’s pretty funny how infrequently i check the price these days.

First thing in the morning & before bed is pretty well assured. Sometimes i go 4 waking hours without casually checking.

Elon’s causing a stir and a good $6k 4hr candle.

Should be an interesting day, I hope it doesn’t ruin Saylor’s presentations next week.

“Wittgenstein’s Money” is a beautiful piece of writing.

Imagine if all respectable business knowledge had been derived from studying large, established companies because there had never been a start-up in living memory. If a start-up then came along, people might well say, “that’s not a business because it doesn’t make a profit,” or, “that’s not a business because it doesn’t have a defined business plan.” Clearly, this would be ill-advised…

So, I found out today FUD isn’t a part of normie language.

On more positive news, I managed to get 2 close friends to finally buy some bitcoin after 6 months of hinting.

They acknowledged that they should have bought earlier. I let them know I bought some at $40k & I’m not stressed.

I said it might drop further but that it might also take off when the Americans wake up. 🤷‍♂️ You just can’t time this shit. The key thing is they’re off zero & they have the right expectations.

We have a solid floor now.

Apparently you can’t double spend your Bitcoin for more than 10-20 mins. Lesson - wait for 2-3 confirmations & don’t sell Bitcoin on FUD.

Things are about to get interesting again.

Did you buy the dip?

Has anyone tried the paid iOS Mastodon app called “Toot!”?

It was 17,000 odd sats but I feel it was a decent trade.

I almost jumped on Mast but heard some bad things about it.

If Bitcoin price doesn’t do something meaningful soon we’re all going to be so bored that we’ll price it in Bits just so we can talk passionately about something.


I actually feel a bit bad for the gold bugs. They understand the problem well enough.

There was a time about 10 years ago when i almost moved my retirement investments into gold. It was just too bloody hard & complicated in the end.

I guess we all buy Bitcoin at the price we deserve.

This is a really nice “getting started with Bitcoin” article. Although it’s a beginners guide I’m sure many of us will benefit from the “ideal” on boarding experience.

I know mine was less than ideal & I’ll probably go through a number of these steps to see if there are things I can improve.

Thanks to @jimmysong for highlighting it & David Venturi for pulling it together!

It’s so funny, anything paid for in sats seems crazy expensive to me.

Yeah - it’s only $50 worth now, but those 138ksats could be $500+ in 12 months. Those sats will just keep going up in value forever.

I have no issue spending $50 on a big piece of beef. Just don’t make me pay in sats!

Humans be weird.

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I’ve struggled to understand how the power of compounding applies to Bitcoin since it’s a non yielding asset. There is no yield to reinvest & 1 bitcoin now will still be 1 bitcoin in 10 years.

I now see it like inflation but in reverse. You benefit from the exponential increase in value through adoption but also the compounding deflation due to fixed supply each year.

Your bitcoin doesn’t leak value via carry costs or CGT.

I’m finally beginning to get it (which seems silly to me now).

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