I’ve participated in one, maybe one and a half(?) cutover attempts from Twitter to Mastodon. This one seems to have more ooomph to it though, because more good accounts are coming over this time / more peeps are motivated to try it. I hope this time it sticks; if enough people just commit to trying it out and cutting away from Twitter, this place could be the fun place we all want it to be.

Stick around and play awhile, let’s make this the thing we liked about Twitter back in the day.

@BrianLockhart it’s like Bitcoin; you check it out early but “nobody else is using it” - eh, stick with it. It’s pretty cool regardless and maybe it’ll catch on...

@BrianLockhart seems like twitter is really on the dive this time, more than in the past

@SatsRoubini @BrianLockhart Been here for a few days and haven't missed twitter at all.

@BrianLockhart yeah, I closed my Twitter account today after seeing some of the awesome content here.

@BrianLockhart even if this doesn't work somehow, I am not going back to twtr.

@BrianLockhart It's not gonna be "one and done", it'll just be regular campaigning to get people over here.

Some of us have to do more public outreach, which requires us to go wherever the audience is. While I'm still allowed on twitter, it'd be foolish to not use it and have access to the 40k+ followers I have on there.

@BrianLockhart this is my 2nd attempt. Definitely feels different

@BrianLockhart Mastodon...Twitter...Mastodon..Twitter...I hope this time it sticks, too. Tired of going back and...

@BrianLockhart I agree; content is king. We need those network effects, to reward the people that keep refreshing their timelines here to find interesting new content and discussion each time!

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