Saw @nvk made a super detailed recovery sheet for CC the other day. Figured I'd make a really simple one for onboarding friends + family. Printing landscape on A4 will give you:-

1x 24 word sheet
1x 12 word sheet
A detachable passphrase sheet for each

Never be silenced, especially by frauds.

As the world continues its unwavering march toward 1984, we must equip ourselves to fight back.

The tools are there, learn to use them.

Understanding Bitcoin wallets from @_k3tan of @ministryofnodes


Some advice for any new Signal users looking for increased messenger privacy:

You can buy a burner phone or use an unregistered VOIP phone number to sign up.

Make sure to select "Registration Lock = On" so the number can't be recycled and used again on Signal, leading to contacts speaking with an imposter.

Set "Incognito Keyboard = On" to hinder any potential keylogging type attacks.

Lastly, *always* verify your Safety Number before sharing sensitive info.

Use the tools properly ✊

KYC - Know your criminal

Or not as it may seem with these clowns

What hard lessons have learned on the way to becoming the bitcoiner you are today?

Me first 👇

I bought Charlie Lee's bags at the 2017 top and sold the almost dead bottom 2018.

Lesson learned: Don't shitcoin

(Do not share anything that will compromise yourself)

Forget price chart rubbish.

I wanna see the sales of Raspberry Pi's since 2009. I'm willing to bet number go up a lot.

Nobody goes round telling strangers how much bitcoin they own, so its probably a good idea not to tell the entities you want to 'end' either.

This book serves as a perfect Bitcoin primer without actually mentioning it very much at all. At a little over an hour, it's the perfect one to shill with nocoiners.

Very impressed.

It's great to see people choosing the free and open source software! Here are my top picks.

Router: pfsense
Operating system: Pop!_OS
Browser: ungoogled-chromium
Recording: OBS
Video editing: Kdenlive
Messaging: Ferdi
IRC: Weechat
Password manager: Bitwarden_rs
2FA Authenticator: Aegis
Social media: Pleroma
Calendar & Contacts: Nextcloud
Sync to mobile: Davx5
VPN routing: Zerotier
VPN recommendation: Mullvad
Money: Bitcoin
Payment processor: BTCPayServer
Torrents: Transmission
Movies: Radarr
TV: Sonarr
Trackers: Jackett
Media centre: Jellyfin
Media player: VLC
Homepage: Homer

- Mastodon is a federated and open version of twitter. You can use choose between multiple different competing public and private servers called instances. You can also run and use your own instance which is best practice from a trust perspective. Users can interact and 'follow' across instances.

- DMs are not encrypted so instance admins can read them.

- The bitcoinhackers instance is run by @nvk who we trust to keep it up, protect our privacy, and to not censor us.

Let's make privacy popular. Share your key.

Key ID: 2E34F4AD
Fingerprint: 976C 8536 510C 09A3 D5B4 2A2D 7095 4234 2E34 F4AD

-- enable 2fa
-- connect via vpn
-- use pgp for DM's if you have to

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