Expand your monetary options.

On the anyone can issue assets, send confidential transactions and benefit from the battle-tested Core codebase.

Find out more about how to integrate with @Liquid_BTC here. ⬇️


When setting up 2FA, we recommend using an authenticator app.

It's more private rather than email or a phone number which can be personally identifiable information.

Learn more privacy techniques in our Green Telegram. 👇


On , txs are only processed by participating parties, dramatically reducing the verification load for all participants in

As end to-end network speed becomes the only limiting factor latency approaches zero.

Upgrade your money ⬇️

Catch Blockstream CEO Dr. @adam3us at by @Blockworks_

He'll be talking about “The Bull Case for (and the Death of King Dollar?)” with Co-Founder and CEO of @ValkyrieFunds.

Have more questions about the Bitcoin hardware wallet?

Join the Jade Community on telegram to get support and take your self-custody skills to the next level. ⬇️


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We just released firmware update 0.1.38 on bringing even more functionality to Jade’s camera so you can easily:

📝 Transcribe a CompactSeedQR from Jade

🔦 Scan CompactSeedQRs

🎥 Feed entropy to Jade’s RNG with an image taken at boot time

Find out how works with Blockstream engineer @Snyke in this where he explores:

⚡️ learning curve


🚦 Greenlight’s goals


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The hardest money ever created is de-risking before our eyes.

RT @bitcoin__help
Use @Blockstream Jade in a multisig setup and register your signers' info on device

Jade will automatically verify your change addresses and warn you if it detects a unusual path. More info on the Blockstream Help Center

Catch the whole with Blockstream CEO Dr. @adam3us where he discusses takeaways from the recent DeFi debacles in the crypto space:

🌚 Terra Luna case study
😵 Contagion risk
💸 Capital misallocation


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RT @bitcoin__help
Use SeedQR with @Blockstream Jade when signing transactions from an offline device. Bypasses the need for communication with PIN server to unlock twitter.com/aaronvanw/status/1

Echa un vistazo a este increíble tutorial de como configurar de @juanencripto.

Gracias Juan.

Bitcoin es para todos.

Catch the whole featuring @bitfinex CTO @paoloardoino where he explores:

🧱  as the base layer
⚡️ Lightning and @Liquid_BTC
🚫 Obsoleting


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Find out how Bitcoin is obsoleting altcoins with @paoloardoino.

Learn more about how open source works from the Blockstream Director of Research Andrew Poelstra in the latest , he explains:

📕  research and development

📡 How open-source projects work

💻 Open-source money


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