There's always an opportunity cost.

@adam3us explains how layer-2 solutions can help adoption by making certain trade offs within decentralization, scalability and security.

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Big day tomorrow in 🇦🇺, it’s your ballot paper day…🤣

13/ That's it for this month's roundup.

If you are a dev working on or a person representing a Bitcoin-only layer-2 solution and would like to have it featured in the thread going forward, please dm @prochronist.

If applicable, we'll be happy to include!

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12/ Finally, Morgan Stanley acknowledged 's evolution as a medium of exchange.

Under @Strike's new integration with @Blackhawk, @NCRCorporation, & @Shopify, BTC payments are added to B&M stores, which make up 85% of all U.S. transactions. 💊🇺🇸

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11/ Elsewhere, @krakenfx not only followed through with its promise to integrate Lightning but recently added a minor update: no withdrawal fees.

The plebs win again. 🙏

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To accelerate financial inclusion, Kraken has lowered the withdrawal fee for over Lightning to zero.

Thank you for your feedback!

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10/ In other LN news, @lightning updated its liquidity management tool, Loop, for improved UX:

⚡️ More detailed fee breakdown
⚡️ Tracking is now on a node/peer/channel basis
⚡️ Read-only Terminal sessions
⚡️ Send/receive on Terminal homepage

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1/14: Since launch, Lightning Terminal has steadily improved to better meet the needs of Lightning ⚡️ node operators. Today, I’m especially excited to share our new liquid…

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9/ Another new protocol, @PeerswapLN, allows for P2P rebalancing on Lightning and is available now in open beta. Benchmarks:

⚡️ fully decentralized
⚡️ compatible w/ existing LN nodes
⚡️ single hop reliability
⚡️ reduces cost of capital

Learn more: []

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8/ Discover more experimental L2 technologies at the @bitcoin2022 conference, with our summary of events, including new signature schemes, , and new protocols like @minimint_btc that bring additional security and privacy capabilities to .

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7/ Additionally, @Liquid_BTC has always been a sort of testbed for . Just last month, LQ members met to prioritize new action items like extending opcodes and building out APIs.

Covenants? See for yourself on LQ. Read more 👇

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6/ For example, it's generally accepted that @Liquid_BTC is more suitable for larger, more complex txs with its deterministic block times, confidentiality, & advanced scripting, whereas the is best for fast micropayments and scaling txs.

@Snyke on Lightning:

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5/ In addition to varying Lightning⚡️implementations, you also have different L2s with their own unique set of trade-offs.

@JAN3com CEO @excellion explains Liquid💧here:

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4/ Core Lightning is one of several ⚡️ implementations. For an overview of CLN @Core_LN, LND @lightning, & LDK @spiral and each team's unique approach to the and scaling , read @brian_trollz's recent write-up:

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3/ released v0.11.0 (now v0.11.1) with the help of a record 36 developers from the Lightning community. The update introduces:

⚡️ Channel multiplexing
⚡️ New Rust-based gRPC API plugin
⚡️ The latest version of onion messaging

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2/ First order of business, the state of network capacity on layer-2: Lightning ⚡️ reached an all-time high despite a downturn in price, and the amount of BTC pegged in Liquid 💧 remained firm.

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1/ : @Core_LN ⚡️ releases v0.11.0, @lightning ⚡️ updates Loop, @Liquid_BTC 💧 members discuss new opcodes & dev libraries, and Morgan Stanley gets orange-pilled 💊 (it was inevitable).

More details and L2 news 👇🧐

The three most important things you need to do when setting up a new mobile wallet:

✏️ Carefully record your recovery phrase

🗄 Store your recovery phrase in a safe place

📱 Set up 2-factor authentication

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Insanely high yield? 🚩

@adam3us breaks down tactics altcoins use to attract n00bs.

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