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If this tweet gets 100 likes and 50 retweet, @MarinaWallet will add @Blockstream logo

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@side_swap is a new wallet that provides Confidential Transactions, Liquid asset support (, L-CAD, & more), atomic swaps between assets, and peg-in / peg-out support for entering and exiting back to the base layer. ⚛️🌊💵💎 sideswap.io/

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venturebeat.com/2021/05/02/sat nice coverage on @elixirlapp the new game artifact @Liquid_BTC asset store from @SatoshisGames @carlosroldanx

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wider discussion with @PrestonPysh and @100trillionUSD about topics, also perps, options, futures, the cash and carry trade expanding the bitcoin monetary blackhole in a feedback look, and some about BMN economics (@Blockstream mining note) stokr.io/blockstream-mining twitter.com/TIP_Network/status

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@PrestonPysh sits down with 2 of the biggest names in Bitcoin, @adam3us @100trillionUSD. They talk about the current market conditions, and much of what’s happening in the derivatives market

Listen here: link.chtbl.com/BTC024

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This was a really fun chat with @100trillionUSD & @adam3us. We talk about the potential impact of the contango trade + much more. Be sure to let us know what you think. twitter.com/tip_network/status

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Borrowing L-BTC on @hodlhodl Lend might be a good option for people understandably cautious to un-hodl their on-chain . With Lend the loan is overcollateralized with your on-chain and put into an escrow multisig with a key you control.

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This is probably the best podcast on @Liquid_BTC to date. Best in the sense that it touches on some of the misconceptions of Liquid as well as the trade-offs (what advantages you gain and what you trade off) compared to using the base layer. Recommend a listen. twitter.com/matt_odell/status/

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“...Texas with its huge oil and gas fields is a natural pull for miners wanting to mine without having to be dependent on the state’s energy power grid.”

“This also has the added benefit of making Bitcoin more resilient and anti-fragile.” @excellion twitter.com/bitcoinmagazine/st

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This week for the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, we have a replay of last week's interview between @adam3us and @pete_rizzo_ on Satoshi's legacy.

Back is the co-founder and CEO of @Blockstream and the inventor of proof of work.


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We're delighted to announce our latest app release. Features include Peg-outs, unblinding of transactions, and PIN support 🌊Thank you @Liquid_BTC for all the help and support in making this possible 🚀 sideswap.io/

"The marketplace uses technology from @Liquid_BTC, which is a settlement network for traders and exchanges, enabling faster, more confidential transactions and the issuance of digital assets." 🌊💎🎮 venturebeat.com/2021/05/02/sat

We fixed an issue on the related to the sticker vouchers. Everything should be working now! Be sure to check your @Liquid_BTC to see if you won a "B" sticker voucher! Use the "LIZARD" discount code for free shipping too! 🌊🦎 store.blockstream.com/product/
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We just sent out the "B" sticker vouchers! Check your @Liquid_BTC wallet to see if you won, then…

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layer-1 is digital gold.

Bitcoin layer-2 is the future of finance.

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