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On this day in 2002, @adam3us released Hashcash.

Hashcash is the Proof-of-Work algorithm, which has been used as a denial-of-service counter measure technique in a number of systems—think ‘email anti-spam tool’.

Notably, Proof-of-Work
And credited in the white paper.

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If you aren't exploring the new paradigm of mainchain + sidechain LN interoperability what are you even doing.

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If you saw my video about @Blockstream JADE and did not like it, I have great news for you.

@AaronvanW @_benkaufman @LarryBitcoin sit down and give an in-depth explanation of the trade-offs between all the major hardware wallets available.


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I finally wrote a simplified macaroons implementation, called runes: you can find it on GitHub at github.com/rustyrussell/runes and Python package at pypi.org/project/runes/

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. @Blockstream , @hodlhodl and @tdexnetwork L-EURt incoming!

Germany OKs $420B of insto investment, $68B ProFunds launches the first public BTC mutual fund, $7B Horizon allocates 10% of fund to GBTC, and Fidelity’s macro head says BTC looks like Gold in the 1970s.


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Thank you Samson Mow @excellion for the complimentary @Blockstream satellite kit. Delivered directly to my hospital. Can't wait to get the nurses seconded into setting it up and giving it a go. ✊🏽🔥🔥🔥

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Here are some clips (don't pay too close attention to the text, it isn't perfect) with @rusty_twit explaining why Offers / bolt12.org is so important: twitter.com/LNJunkies/status/1

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One or our earlier episodes where we do a dive on Bolt12 or Offers or Superinvoices with @rusty_twit! Bolt12.org twitter.com/LNJunkies/status/1

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9 out of 11 required functionaries are now signaling for the Dynamic Federations hard fork on the ! If you're running an Elements node, be sure to update to v0.18.1.12 in preparation. 🌊⛓️ github.com/ElementsProject/ele twitter.com/Liquid_BTC/status/

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LN offers might be the coolest thing I’ve come across for Lightning so far.

- Static reusable invoices
- Can be for any amount
- Offer creator’s node ID is blinded
- Lots of other cool features too


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Download the reference implementation of TDEX APP from GooglePlay ow.ly/WsAC50FC5ZY and the AppStore ow.ly/OiAG50FC5ZZ and unleash a truly decentralized trading experience 🚀 @Liquid_BTC

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In this 47th episode we have the final boss of the Lightning Network: @Snyke! In this episode, we are talking about Channel Factories!

We also talk about:
* Lightning Network Privacy
* Signature Aggregation
* More!


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The 's biggest upgrade to date is activating soon. 6 of 11 functionaries required to activate the DynaFed hard fork are now signaling. Liquid users need to update their Elements nodes to v0.18.1.12 in preparation. 🌊⛓️ blog.liquid.net/dynamic-federa

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I just received my @Blockstream Satellite Pro Kit.

I will be connecting to Satellite 🛰 Eutelsat 113 from Santos, Brazil 🇧🇷 very soon!

Massive kudos to @excellion, the whole teams at Blockstream and @hodlwithLedn for this unique opportunity.

Let’s play 📡 🛰 🔥🏆🎉

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Commando II: WebSockets!

This PR adds `experimental-websocket` which lets you speak websocket on your lightning port. This allows more clients to speak to you, including going commando!


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Greenlight, a new service from @Blockstream, allows users to maintain complete control over their while setting up a Lightning node using the company’s infrastructure.

It's available on @sphinx_chat and @lastbitpay app now.


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Liquid Network-based exchange TDEX has launched a mobile app to facilitate atomic swaps on the sidechain.

@ItsTwoTM reports


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