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Progressives should complain about Keynesianism more, it has caused far more inequality and injustice than the market.

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The problem is our broke fiat system. The solution is .

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The way that we've kept debt-to-GDP from climbing after the 2008 fiasco was by holding interest rates below the rate of CPI growth; aka ongoing currency devaluation.

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As per interim ERCOT CEO Brad Jones, flexible bitcoin mining resources are helping grid operators with balancing energy and stabilizing the grid.

This clip from recent @WhatBitcoinDid show titled "Bitcoin Energy Markets"

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There is a point where libertarian/conservative values and progressive values converge. That point of convergence is individual human rights. This discussion between @gladstein and @Mark_MNLocal is worth a listen!

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Political left - time to awaken from your slumber. Do you think these leaders are going to El Salvador for a holiday? You can’t have it both ways. If you are against you are against the economic empowerment and financial sovereignty of these 44 nation states twitter.com/btc_archive/status

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Planting seeds in 44 countries.

3 days to go…

is good for the world 🌍

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Any person who takes the time to learn and think it through will ultimately realize that is our way out of this mess.

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is the future of money. ⚡️ is the future of payments.

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A market where a few people decide the fate of everyone else by giving instruction to when and how much money is manipulated…..isn’t a market - It is a control structure.

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Who sells their for under 30k 🤦🏻‍♂️

"History of Bitcoin Price Crashes"
by @pete_rizzo_

TL;DR: Zoom Out
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7 times now I’ve seen the BTC price drop over 50%

1 takeaway: will endure

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@CleanUpBitcoin mining emits zero CO2.

Don't believe me?

Buy a mining rig, plug it in, and measure how much CO2 those fans blow out versus ambient CO2.

This is called the Scientific Method, you can independently verify a hypothesis.

Climate activists exhale more CO2 than Bitcoin.

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“I want to live in a world where wealth can be distributed fairly by a trustworthy government. But I’m [seeing] why so many think that hope is naive b/c of an observable history of 1000s of years of govs using currency debasement in the interests of the few rather than the many.” twitter.com/isabelfoxenduke/st

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Under a Bitcoin standard, we won't have these unsustainable credit booms that led to devastating busts.

The @federalreserve distorts price signals and is actively attacking the global economy.

I remember when bitcoin critics use to say "bitcoin is a bet on the system collapsing."
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FYI: If we get a surprise deflationary bust, it's Bitcoin Armageddon.

Might have to go all-in on $25.00 PUT options...😥

I'll still run a node. 😌
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I would buy all your for $25.

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