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Pt. 2 @excellion on Blockstream & Pixelmatic synergy, Infinite Fleet innovations, BTC philosphy & gaming - ep 22

Pt. 1 Samson Mow on Infinite Fleet, INF, & NFTs, Liquid & Lightning, and Lightning on Liquid - ep 23

Colin Harper on encountering Bitcoin early on, and his transition to becoming a Bitcoin journalist

Pt. 3 Paolo chimes in on El Salvador, announces Bitfinex securities, what it means for startups

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People in 185 countries bought from @Bitrefill last month. Here's a few by # of purchases:

Cambodia: 79
Papua New Guinea: 64
Haiti: 55
Namibia: 44

is used across many languages, social classes, and age groups. It's much bigger than your own personal knowledge bubble.

Pt. 2 Paolo on Bitfinex's 2016 hack, regulatory challenges, and Tether's audit - To the Moon ep. 22

Pt. 1 Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino on finding BTC, Lightning on Bitfinex, and why Tether - Ep 22

Javier @criptobastardo on El Salvador's Bitcoin Law & the State: The Importance of Education on BTC for Salvadorans:

Javier Discusses the Impact of the Pandemic on his Bitcoin Meetups in Venezuela

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Episode 48 of Bitcoin And . . . is LIVE!

Topics for today:

- @Bitrefill and Hugo in
- China Evergrande
- Solana fail
- Gen Z loves Corn
- Convicted felon yells at
- S&P threaten El Salvador with ratings stick


Pt. 3 Adam @waxwing on Lightning in Commerce, Lightning privacy, and the Future of Bitcoin - To The Moon 21

Javier Bastardo of Satoshi in Venezuela on Becoming a Bitcoin Philosopher

Pt. 2 Adam @waxwing Talks BTC Dev Trade-Offs, Schnorr & Taproot, & Lightning Network - To The Moon Ep. 21

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Some 🔥🔥 companies:

@Coinkite / @theBLOCKCLOCK
@slush_pool / @braiins_systems

Follow em all!

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