Pt. 3 Privacy wallets & fungibility, Bitcoin Mining Council, BTCTKVR podcast - To the Moon 18

Pt. 2 Running a node, negatives for BTC in El Salvador, Cash notes backed with BTC - To the Moon 18

Pt.1 Vlad Costea of BTCTKVR, on how found BTC, & why he is so bullish - To the Moon 18

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La guía definitiva para principiantes de la Red Lightning. by @Bitrefill

Living on bitcoin in Italy: An interview with Marco Amadori @mammadori joins us to discuss life in the Bitcoin Valley in beautiful Rovereto, Italy

Pt. 7 Falling out of love with Samourai, XMR privacy & limitations, & BTC privacy - To the Moon 17

Pt 5 Giacomo @giacomozucco on El Salvador, the Bitcoin mining council, mining with renewables - To the Moon 17

Pt. 4 Token standardization, governance & DAOs, the centralization paradox - To the Moon 17

Pt 3. Base chain ossification, soft forks & features, ERC-20 & why it sucks - To the Moon 17

Pt. 2 RGB for Stablecoins, Tokens, NFTs, Smart Contracts, RGB & Taproot - To the Moon 17

Roman of Bitcoin Beach - the need for Bitcoin education in El Salvador

Pt. 1 Giacomo Zucco on RGB, client side validation, and Lightning/RGB symbiosis - To the Moon 17

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Consider testing I2P with your node:
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@StopAndDecrypt quick test and it seems so, try:

$ apt install i2pd
$ systemctl enable i2pd.service
$ systemctl start i2pd.service

in your bitcoin.conf:


$ watch -t ./src/bitcoin-cli -netinfo 4

Roman Martinez of Bitcoin Beach - Which wallets people are using in El Salvador

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Bitrefill's KPLC gift card lets you pay your power bill with Bitcoin

"The Kenya Power and Lighting Company KPLC (Kenya Power) owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the country and sells electricity to over 8 million as at end of June 2020."

On , follow @Bitrefill.

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