A cheap way to turn trading gains into goods and services, quickly and cheaply with binance, Fixedfloat, LTC, and Lightning, along with Bitrefill

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In this video, we'll learn how to add credit to your Bitrefill account balance (BTC, USD, EUR) by withdrawing BNB from Binance, converting BNB to Satoshis with Fixedfloat.com and sending the Satoshis to your Bitrefill account instantly with Lightning Network.

This is a cheap, fast, and privacy protecting way to send your trading gains to your Bitrefill account, so you can purchase thousands of gift cards and mobile refills available worldwide.

Check out our interview with Matt Ahlborg of usefultulips.org, we also discuss Marathon's AML compliant block, Kraken and the IRS and crypto coming to US banks with FIS & NYDIG

¿Cuál es la situación del ecosistema Cripto en Venezuela?
A la Luna Podcast ep. 2 - Entrevista a


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El punto de más flaco en las aplicaciones de por ahora.
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🗣️En Hablemos de Bitcoin recibimos a @patestevao, diseñadora UX para conversar sobre las formas de mejorar la experiencia de uso de .

🔴EN VIVO - 3PM(GMT-4)🇻🇪

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Every time I hear central bankers or prominent altcoiners talking about crypto I get a huge smile on my face.

These people have no idea what’s happening.

Bitcoin will blindside them all.

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BiTcOiN aLoNe WiLl rAiSe GlObAl TeMpErAtUrEs bY 2 dEgReEs

¡Ven a ver el primer episodio de A la Luna Podcast!
Nuestro primer invitado es Papá Bitcoin y Criptos @juanbiter
¡No te lo pierdas! Siga nuestro canal de Youtube en Español para obtener más contenido de Bitcoin y cripto

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Bitcoiners! @bitcoinmagazine is hiring full time roles.

We are offering positions for in Nashville and Remote.

1. Head of Studio
2. Senior Designer
3. Junior Designer
4. Junior Social Media Manager

More information below.

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Canada’s @dmgblockchain Acquires 3,600 Bitcoin Mining ASICs.

"The purchase of 3,600 bitcoin ASIC miners will help to increase the company’s total bitcoin mining hash rate capacity to over 500 peta hashes per second."

@hardeyjumoh covers the story:


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is now worth more than Brazil's entire stock market.

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🗣🗣A partir de las 12:00 (🇻🇪) estaremos con @juanencripto para conocer más sobre la actualidad española, pero también sobre el panorama de en lo que va de 2021.

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