Pt. 3 Pavlenex on El Salvador's BTC law, Adopting Bitcoin Conference, BTCPay in El Salvador - Ep. 26

Pt. 2 Bitcoin Design & Bitcoin Smiles, Toxic Maximalism, and BTCPay's plugin system - Ep. 26

Pt. 1 Pavlenex of BTCPay on Finding BTC, & Contributing to BTCPay Server - Ep. 26

Pt. 3 Nothing much @nothingmuch on Changes in BTC vs. ETH, Complexity in privacy coins, & Wasabi 2.0 improvements - Ep. 25

Pt. 2 Nothingmuch @nothingmuch on Bitcoin's imperfections, why he focused on BTC, & Opting-out with BTC - Ep. 25

Nothingmuch @nothingmuch
of Wasabi Wallet on coding, how he found BTC, & the Chainalysis leak - Ep. 25

Colin Harper discusses the recent crackdown on Bitcoin mining in China, and how it impacts network security

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When teaching newcoiners, seeing is believing.

1. Demo or set them up with a wallet like @PhoenixWallet or @MuunWallet

2. Show a lightning spend/receive

3. Show how they can spend over lightning to get vouchers at @Bitrefill

Pt. 3 Josef on Sats vs. Bits, Bitcoin Carnivory, & Trezor's Open Source Secure Element chip - ep 24

Pt. 2 Josef on Mining in CZ, Trezor as BTC first, and his excitement for Lightning - ep 24

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In case you’re wondering why is pumping right now… 😎

Pt. 1 Josef Tetek @SatsJoseph of Trezor on Austrian Economics, finding BTC, and Cryptoanarchy - ep 24

Fab talks about his increasing usage and enthusiasm for Bitcoin's Lightning Network

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Pt. 3 Security tokens & regulation, Lightning & Liquid symbiosis, El Salvador's BTC adoption - ep 22

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