I wonder who the hell is selling Bitcoin now.
Where does all that offer is coming?

Today I learned something...
Altcoiners think on fiat
Gold generation thinks on preserve value
Bitcoiners think on freedom and sovereignty.
If you think Bitcoin is just money, you are on the wrong path.

I had a flashback!
Yesterday remembered me to Thanksgiving Day offer!
Ready for the pump??

There are three types of people who root against Bitcoin:

1 The beneficiaries of the Cantillon effect
2 Those who don't understand how the monetary policy works, and don't notice how fucked they are
3 They just don't understand

The exodus from tweeter to Mastodon will be in the history books as the beginning of a war against the tyranny of "big tech" in order to achieve our sovereignty.

@Ogfomk I have no idea, I'm new on here so, it suppose that I replied to your comment haha!

Someday the idiots were selling their Bitcoin yesterday will be claiming that is unfair for individuals having a whole Bitcoin.
They had their chance and they exchanged it for Garbage.

Did you see the dip today?
Did you buy it?
You won't see 30k again!!

All those idiots selling their Bitcoin.
Have fun being an slave!

Keynesians don't like Bitcoin because they just think on spending, Bitcoin teaches you to save your money!

Not surprised if global hyperinflation hits while sleeping.
Good night!

Everything is happening so fast.
What a weekend!

@Ogfomk The idiots don't know that they started a cycle that won't end and will drive them all to an end

This shit is getting real!!
2021 will be the year of Bitcoin fasten your belt, turbulence is coming!!

Banks are the bloodsuckers of the economy!

If all the Bitcoiners move to Mastodon from tweeter, who will troll Peter Schiff there?

This is the last financial crisis that gold will have some important role during uncertainty. Once gold bugs realize how slow, obsolete and dangerous is. They will change their shiny rock for Bitcoin.

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