This young man is building a real future. Inspired
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Paperback copies of Don't Tell Me I Can't are finally on Amazon! My homeschool life, how I started my farm when I was 7, grew that to a 350 acre ranch, fixed up my 1st house, & all the challenges & lessons I learned so far.

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Humans are designed to sing.

We no longer sing.

This must end and we must begin to sing again.

Sing to God.,

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if you thought that was entertaining, just wait until the Ethereum ponzi implodes

it will be spectacular

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Good morning, Bitcoin will punish you when you do not self-custody it.

If all you seek is exposure to Bitcoin's market price, or to leverage a trade position, or to lend your BTC, you have tempted fate in ways you probably do not realize.


#RightToRepair will become an absolute necessity in the near future. Having all the supply chain completely fucked up and prices all over increasing like never before, people will need to learn how to do stuff themselves instead of pulling a credit card.

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@PrinceySOV I use cheap bics that come in packs of 5. One lasts about 3 shaves. Available everywhere. Warm water is all you need as lubricant. ”Manscaping” is an industry fiat af. If you haven’t yet read Bourbon for breakfast by @jeffreyatucker you are in for a treat:

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Here’s a better source than Forbes on adoption in the Central African Republic.

➡️ It’s “crypto” not 😒
➡️ There is a law and it passed (not draft)
➡️ They want new tech to bypass legacy financial systems
➡️ Central Banks are bad

Mixed bag.

[email protected]_writes and his team are working hard to bring great Bitcoin education to the youth of El Salvador!

I donated!

Consider donating yourself.

"...coming up with some way of shoving [CTV] into Bitcoin at this stage is insulting, myopic, short-sighted. Worse, it sets incredibly poor precedent for how we think about changes...and maintaining Bitcoin's culture of security and careful design." - @TheBlueMatt 💪

BREAKING: A UK judge has ordered the extradition of Julian Assange to the US where he will face a 175 year sentence for publishing

The decision will now move to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel – the defense have until May 18 to make submissions

Happy Easter fedi

It was tempting to post this earlier but I waited until the appointed time 🙏

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The left is asking why Elon doesn't take that $43 billion to solve hunger. The better question is, we gave $3.86 trillion to our government last year. Why haven't they?

Happy Good Friday to you all.

Jesus loves you.

Congrats, @JeffBooth, to this ethical idea.
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Really excited to be launching with @PrestonPysh @LynAldenContact, @nico_lechuga, and @1andipitt

A only ecosystem fund to support the growing ecosystem and entrepreneurs.

My reasons:

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Absolutely nothing suspicious about each Arculus card having its own serial number and preassigned seed phrase. 🤔

For a full breakdown of how to setup this hardware wallet visit @BikesandBitcoin

"I've just got to find myself." Won't ever happen. We do not "find ourselves" or "find our life" by pursuing it. We find it by losing it in something, or someone, greater than ourselves. We find our life by losing it to Jesus and the work of his Kingdom.

I've come to the conclusion Aperture Science and Pfizer are one in the same company

Pfizer: Performs expermental trials upon humans.
Aperture Science: Performs expermental trials upon humans.

Pfizer : Promises you a Donut upon completion of experiment
Aperture Science: Promises you a cake
upon completion of experiment

Pfizer: Wants to kill you with blood clots after completion of experiment.
Aperture Science: Wants to kill you by putting you in an incinerator after completion of experiment.

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Q: "How does @BTCPayServer make money, you cannot be doing all of this for free"

A: TLDR It's not about the money, it's about the mission.

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